Happy “Front” Hump Day – OUTFITS

I call the little pooch on the front of my tummy my front hump…instead of my back humps ;-). SO, in honor of Hump Day I thought I’d share some of my Pinterest inspired outfits from the week! You should know, I am not very creative when it comes to clothing. I typically scour catalogs or websites for ways to pair clothing (otherwise, I’d probably be in ill fitting jeans and t-shirt every day) so Pinterest has changed the way I look at my style.

Let’s start with yesterday’s outfit – I woke up and our dear friend, let’s call him, Mack was asleep in our guest room (aka my dressing room). SO, in an effort not to wake him up too early I had to go to my costume closet (yes I have one) and clothes folded in my laundry room (aka the corner of my garage) for a solution. WELL, my go-to work-appropriate costume is a cowgirl – THANK GOODNESS – and simply searching “PLAID SHIRT OUTFITS” on Pinterest came up with a VARIETY of options. I found THIS outfit (my office is a casual environment where we are allowed to wear nice jeans):


Direct link to outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/casual_days/set?.svc=copypaste&embedder=3211688&id=56236472

I grabbed the plaid shirt I purchased at TARGET for my cowgirl outfit and happened to have jeans from the day before (yes, I rewear my jeans MANY times before washing – oh be quiet) and a black sweater in the laundry room…OH AND black flats* airing out by the back door (If you are rolling your eyes right now, you do not wear flats without socks because those babies NEED airing out). While not exactly like the above photo, I think it worked! What do you think?


I am happy to say I received one compliment that day on my outfit – that is one more than I usually get at work, ha!

As for TODAY, I took this photo inspiration from Pinterest (I was searching for LOFT clothing ideas since I happen to own a lot of LOFT clothes) and while I’d still really love this blue top…


…I was able to make the below outfit** work with a different jean top from the LOFT (circa 2011), my “High Heel” JCREW jeans (circa 2010, maybe ’09) and a JCREW scarf I received as a holiday gift from a colleague. For the record, I received TWO compliments on my outfit today and it is only 10:30amPST!!


*My absolute favorite flats are Jeffrey Campbell’s woven flats from two years ago. While they can be pricey, I have them in brown and black and I wear the $#*& out of those girls and definitely get my money’s worth. Here is a link to the brown ones: http://www.bluefly.com/Jeffrey-Campbell-tan-woven-leather-Slots-flats/p/305085702/detail.fly

**Not sure why I’m standing in such masculine stances in these photos…will work to be a better woman via posture in future posts…OH and check out that bathroom tile…MORE TO COME on my “new” home and our DIY remodels.


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