What a wonderful weekend! It felt long, I enjoyed lots of QT with friends and family AND projects actually happened around the house.

This Monday I have to move my “Front Hump” Day post up because I’m SO excited about a weekend shopping spree that is helping with my internal stylist self. My cousins (let’s call them Charlotte and Carrie – C&C) and I went shopping…and by shopping, I mean SHOPPING. We headed out to the outlets in Napa, CA and did some damage at the Gap, JCREW and Ann Taylor (sorry Banana Republic, LOFT, etc., by the time we arrived at your doors, we had spent WAY too much money – we didn’t even go in). We didn’t forget about the kiddos – we checked out GAP Kids and Gymboree as well. Charlotte purchased something for her hubby and my Goddaughter (her daughter 😉 ) and Carrie scored adorable stuff for her daughter as well, but I, well, I only purchased things for myself…whoops.

Before approaching the trip, I consulted my Pinterest Board titled “envious styles, clothes, accessories” and created a list – it was long. C&C agreed. I threw on a Pinterest inspired outfit for easy changing room activity (see below) and grabbed my list and we were off.

Now, I pin Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon quite often and repin a ton of ideas from two particular friends I’m following – SO FUN! Their styles are pretty simple (t-shirt and jeans with a scarf or jeans, jacket and fun top) but so put together at the same time. So my purchases were really focused on getting the basics – nice white t’s, jeans, and a few colorful items to plus up my wardrobe. VERY excited to wear THIS:

INSPIRED BY THIS (the vibrant blue is so gorgeous and I had it on my Birthday WISH LIST Pinterest Board but I simply could not wait):

Street Style! Real Celeb Looks Straight Off the Street! | Posh24.com

TIP: As Fall approaches, I’m seeing a TON of pinning activity around scarves. One VERY helpful repin I did this weekend was to this “6 Ways to Tie a Scarf” http://pleasantriesandpitbulls.com/2011/09/01/6-ways-to-tie-a-scarf/ I LOVE #6!

I am sure I will have MANY more “Front Hump” posts to share STARRING my newest wardrobe additions, but for now, I’d love to end this post with a quote from my Godmom who told me “You should always dress like you are going to meet the man/woman of your dreams that day.” This can even be applied to workout gear – no need for makeup ladies – the man of your dreams will eventually have to see you sans makeup, but it is so easy to look put together with today’s workout wardrobes.

CONFESSION – If you read my post on Friday, I never had the chance to bake the lemon pull apart bread – it was a bit more involved than I had thought (NOTE/CHALLENGE to self – Take on a few more baking challenges. Tackle lemon pull apart bread in a few months – definitely by the holidays). Tonight, I will bake SELF.com’s Baked Beef Taquitos from their DROP 10 Diet plan. Although baked and healthier for you, they taste like you are indulging and Mr. Darcy even approves! A fun tip I learned from them – Swap *Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream – DELISH! (NOTE: You have to sign up to get the recipe, but here is a free Self.com recipe that you could swap lean ground beef in for the black bean- cornmeal mash: http://www.self.com/fooddiet/recipes/2012/04/black-bean-tacos-corn-salsa).
*For other fun Greek Yogurt cooking ideas check out VOSKOS or Oikos Pinterest Boards!


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