Pinter-efficient lunch break…

It has been a Pinterrific day – I worked from home so had the opportunity to sleep in and take my little one for her morning walk (usually Mr. Darcy does that for me while I workout) and REALLY took advantage of my hour lunch break…could not have done it without Pinterest:

47 Mins – speed change and KILLER KARDIO – (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is my review of the workout:

10 mins – Quick rinse, makeup, hair and dress session…THANK GOODNESS I wash my hair every other day 😉 AND that Pinterest had an outfit idea I could quickly copy – what do you think (my little one obviously liked it)?

4 mins – heat up last nights leftovers (guess where I found that recipe) and viola…WORKIN’ again…

I regularly read that it is SUPER important to get out of the office or step away from your desk if you have a desk job…I think I’ve accomplished that today ;-). I need to start having a more healthy lunch break while in the office. What do you do on your lunch break?

CHALLENGE: Try to have a Pinterest inspired Labor Day weekend – check it out for recipes, outfits, easy travelling workouts, etc.!

XO, Karen


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