Two of my favorite things in one – Zappos & Pinterest

Has anyone seen Zappos’ new PinPointing service? It is supposed to suggest purchases based on your Pinterests. In theory it sounds fabulous. However, since I pinned a recipe to make yogurt covered blueberries (SO EXCITED TO TRY Caffeinated Chronicles of A Supermom’s RECIPE THIS WEEKEND – OH YEAH, exciting Labor Day weekend ahead people: Zappos’ PinPointing suggested the following purchases:

  • A blue plaid Jansport Backpack – Yes, Jansport was all the rage when I was in elementary school (especially if you made your own designs on it using whiteout – we were so cool), but no, I have not carried one since then.
  • Blue Crocs (and NOT the cute maryjane/flat crocs, the original crocs that scream for children to push little plastic accessories into them) – UNLESS you are a nurse, elementary school teacher, child or cooky you should not wear crocs. SORRY to any and all of you Croc loving fans.
  • Blue Running Shorts – OK, is this a sign?! I pinned this recipe because I thought it was healthy. I wish I could email Zappos and say, “so what you’re telling me is that my recipe is not, in fact, healthy?! Do I need a nice new pair of running shorts to shed my snack?”
  • Then there was this:

Image hmmmmmm…why? Because it is a cold snack?!*

I read that Zappos is not actually working with Pinterest on this – I think the algorithm may need some work Z. But hey, I am ALL about it if you can figure it out.

For kicks, I’d love to hear what was Pinpointed for you! Check it out here:

Happy “Front” Hump Day folks – Apparently Zappos feels my front hump is not going to get any smaller eatin’ yogurt covered blueberries…I kid, I kid. 

*Obviously the algorithm just picked up on the color BLUE in my blueberry recipe pin, but I got a kick out of it ;-). 


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