The Pinterest App is making me a narcissist!

OK, that may be a bit of an overstatement, but seriously – you can pin your own photos people! I have to admit, I repinned this “arm candy” photo…

Arm candy inspiration from Pinterest!

And then pinned my OWN “arm candy” photo to see if people liked it…NO LIKES or REPINS YET – OH, but my Speedy Asparagus Pin was repinned 16 – SIXTEEN times!

OH MY GOODNESS, I just had a flashback of 4th grade with mean girls and teasing little boys…But seriously, I was so excited that I could somewhat replicate this girls’ arm candy that I had to share!

While I LOVE the original Pinterest photo (I would love that gold bracelet), I am very excited to have arm candy* of my own. So, as the long weekend approaches and my godmom’s advice is in your head, “dress like you are going to meet the person of your dreams every day,” remember your accessories! Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas: A white t-shirt + jewels = SOMEBODY’s FABULOUS (said in my best Jim Carrey’s the Grinch Who Stole Christmas voice).

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND READERS!!! I hope you have a fabulously long weekend! Lesson for today’s post: BE A BETTER WOMAN BY GIVING UP ON WORRYING WHAT OTHER’S THINK!

I’ll be sure to work on my WordPress App use this weekend so I can be a better weekend updater ;-). I plan on making all sorts of dips and treats for our back to back barbecues. I made this dip for my grandmother-in-law’s birthday party and it was a HUGE hit (this weekend I will swap the mayo for yogurt or sour cream because Mr. Darcy and I were not fans of the mayo, but otherwise, it was delish…and easy!):

Another EASY go-to appetizer is the infamous cream cheese and chili chip dip. WHAT?! You don’t know what I’m talking about?! OK:

Ingredients are simply – block of cream cheese, can of chili (meat and bean chili is preferred – Hormel’s chili with beans is THE BOMB), hot sauce

Steps – Plop (fancy cooking word) block of cream cheese and chili into pot on stove or microwave safe bowl and warm ingredients while stirring until blended (microwave for 1-2 minutes). Drip a few drops of hot sauce to taste (Mr. Darcy and I like quite a few drops). Then serve with chips (Fritos if you want to just embrace the BADNESS of this dish…MMMMM).

XO, Karen

*My godmom and I are fans of the Chan Luu bracelets and last weekend she spoiled me with the Chan Luu-Esque bracelet seen above!!! You TOO can get this bracelet on Sofinuni’s Etsy Shop:


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