Wiggle, Wiggle…YEAH! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Oh I did NOT forget that I promised to share some workout Pins on Fridays! In fact, I was just introduced to LightFriday.com (THANKS for the “Like” Ulrikke) and she has an AWESOME workout playlist that I HAD to share with all of you (her blog is pretty great as well, ENJOY!): http://lightfriday.com/2012/08/26/work-out-music/

I always have such a hard time finding good workout mixes. Do you find that suggested mixes always have old and overplayed songs?! WELL, LightFriday.com’s list has Flo Rida’s Whistle as the first song. This song makes me smile because Mr. Darcy usually whistles to get our four-legged little one’s attention so she always goes crazy when that song comes on. It was playing in the car the other day and she was jumping from the back seat to the front seat, sticking her nose into the speakers looking for him…so cute! (Note to self: Get a doggie seatbelt!)

In addition to boxing and possibly attempting Killer Kardio again, I’m DOING the @YouMeFit Abs challenge this weekend. I was, of course, introduced to it on Pinterest (Search terms: AB WORKOUT): https://twitter.com/YouMeFit/status/222339913880829953


GOOD LUCK!!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

XO, Karen


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