“Here Comes The Sun”: Short Work Week, Lots of NOMING & Beyonce’s Birthday OF COURSE

I hope all of my Labor Day-celebrating readers had a fabulously long weekend and are feeling as rejuvenated as I am. It could be the weekend OR the short work week ahead of me (I have a wedding this Friday so I only have a 3-day work week – WHOOP WHOOP). AND, today is Beyonce’s birthday! OK, OK, I’m not a Beyonce Fanatic, but I must say, if anyone knows how to be a great woman it is B.

(Removed this photo…sorry, but it was a cute shot of her sans makeup found on her webpage)

OK, enough about her*…

This weekend was dedicated to getting some QT with Mr. Darcy, getting a few things done around the house (GOAL: CLEAN OUT LINEN CLOSET – aka closet where we throw EVERYTHING) and hosting friends for a late weekend bbq. Let’s start at the top:

FRIDAY NIGHT – I love going out on a Friday night. Whether a 3-Day weekend or a regular 2-Day, Friday night dates always seem to make the weekend longer. Mr. Darcy and I headed out to Anchor & Hope here in San Francisco and let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING. If you are an SF tourist or local this place is a MUST. It is in SOMA, they have Russian River’s Damnation on tap (ON TAP) and they have this amazing Sea Urchin in a creamy potato soup listed as a starter that is to DIE for…we played spoon hockey for the last bite. We also had the lobster roll and mocha lava cake…what can I say, we went for it!

SATURDAY – I cleaned out our linen closet. Seriously, that thing was JAM PACKED. I threw away two large garbage bags of things, found two unopened boxes of LEGO bricks, two baby blankets, a cake plate (see below for what I did with it) and my long lost purse – ridiculous. SO, I stored my found-gifts in a place I hope never to lose again and I took my cake plate and recreated a lil sumthin’ that I found on Pinterest:


A recent ThePinterestWoman blog post was “Liked” by a blogger who had blogged this idea and I LOVED it. Check out how to make your own cake plate/soap holder here: http://www.natalme.com/dish-soap-cake-stand/

I also purchased an area rug for my dining room at TJ Maxx’s HomeGoods Store – have you been to a HomeGoods Store?! If not, you must go NOW…I mean, NOW. This place is INCREDIBLE, has everything and is affordable!

Mr. Darcy and I then took our little one to the beach. 3 HOURS later – we got a little sidetracked by other dogs and the scenery – we drove/crawled home and decided neither of us wanted to go out so we would need to be creative for dinner. ENTER PINTEREST!!! I pinned ProudItalianCook.Blogspot.com’s Zucchini & Tomato cheesy starter back when I had zucchini for the enchilada recipe (https://thepinterestwoman.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/nom-nom-nom-skinnytastes-chicken-enchilada-stuffed-zucchini-boats-review/) and was SO excited to try it. NOW, Proud Italian Cook’s recipe is for a starter, BUT Mr. Darcy and I added some sausage that we purchased for Sunday’s BBQ and made quite a few so it was definitely a hearty dinner. Here is her recipe: http://prouditaliancook.blogspot.com/2010/05/tiny-tomatoes-big-taste.html

OUR ADDITIONS: Mr. Darcy and I added slices of red peppers, jalapenos, spicy and Italian sausage and opted to put mozzarella cheese only (no parmesan cheese). Here is a cooking photo:


Sorry I do not have a “FINISHED” photo. Mr. Darcy and I were STARVING by the time dinner was ready and when I remembered I wanted to blog about this we were already done. BUT, click through to Proud Italian Cook’s recipe for a much more appetizing photo!

I did the 300 Abs workout while dinner was cooking!

SUNDAY & MONDAY – We had bbq’s both days. It was a WHIRLWIND. We played lots of cornhole, listened to a TON of music (we are huge fans of our “QUEEN: Fat Bottomed Girls” and “J BOOG” Pandora stations) and thoroughly enjoyed friends and family from all parts of our lives. Friends brought starters, we provided dinner and lunch and I made my chili bean dip (https://thepinterestwoman.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/the-pinterest-app-is-making-me-a-narcissist/).

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL weekend! I hope you all had a FABULOUS time. To close out this post, I wanted to add a little photo I found on Pinterest this weekend that serves as a great inspiration to me and I hope for one of my most supportive readers:

No matter what, there is always room for change, to move forward – no looking back and to be a better woman!

*Sorry if you found my site due to your love for Beyonce. That’s all I got people.


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