“They say it’s your birthday!” Today begins the countdown to my 30th!

October 10th is my 30th and the party planning has officially begun!!! I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it and my sister and godmother have pinned QUITE a bit already on behalf of my big day – I’m such a lucky woman.

Since food and drinks are a central part to any party and I could eat all types of Mexican food (breakfast, lunch or dinner, you name it) AND could make margaritas my drink of choice…forever – we are going to have a FIESTA! I found the below photo on Pinterest and plan on using it as my mood board for the party (thank you http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com):

I absolutely love birthdays and think it is so important (even for the Mr. Darcy’s of the world who don’t like to be the center of attention) to celebrate people…what better day than their birthday! In fact, today is my girlfriend’s birthday and she is more like a Mr. Darcy when it comes to birthday celebrations SO I went low key.


  • DIY Birthday Décor
  • Coworker birthday

I found THIS: http://blog.paper-source.com/parties/decorate-your-office-with-birthday-banners/

HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Well, I went ahead and decorated her space at work and used the leftover orange paper to hold my birthday card! What do you think?!


She and I have worked together for five years and she has a very special place in my heart. I hope she has an absolutely fabulous day today and a wonderful birthday weekend celebration!!!


XOXOX, Karen

P.S. The birthday girl, along with my entire office, liked my display so much that they tweeted about it today (sorry, I had to block out my company name and colleague’s name).




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