Update…cilantro lime tacos as leftovers and sock bun…not so curly

Well…I took the sock bun out…yeah, not so much sexy curly, as it is wavvy and weird thick side bump from rubber band…hmmm (see yesterday’s post if you have NO idea what I’m talking about).

Apologies for the glasses, I had already removed my makeup in preparation for my run so I thought I’d do you all a favor by covering up a bit ;-). Anyhoo, my thoughts on this are…Maybe I just need longer hair! If you try this and it works, I want to hear about it!

Also, as promised, I had the cilantro lime chicken (CLC) as leftovers and my review is: mmmmmm. Mr. Darcy had class last night so I was excited to have leftovers so I could just come home, play with the little one then settle in to catch up on all my girlie shows (Revenge, Keeping up with the Karashians, Real Housewives, So You Think You Can Dance, etc…oh yeah, it was a busy night). I poured a little extra “pesto” over the top, which was probably a mistake since I don’t like to microwave chicken and it didn’t cook in, and plopped a dollop of yogurt on top. But the mixture of yogurt and pesto was delish. All in all, CLC leftovers are wonderful!! Mr. Darcy would have been the true taste tester to get a review from, but I liked it!!!


“Just a dollop of”…greek yogurt!


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