“You like me, you really like me!!”

Hello Dear Readers,

Last Thursday one of my favorite bloggers, The Little Red Horse, nominated me for a blog award! Part of this award process says I have to share 7 things about myself and nominate favorite bloggers. I really appreciate your patience in publishing my response – I really wanted to give this some thought! I want to start out by writing a thank you, not only to The Little Red Horse, but to all of my readers. This blog started out as a bucket list item for me that I thought might fade, but it has turned into a force that continues to open up my life to new things. Having readers that check up on my attempt to become a better woman is so much more motivating than the little voice in my head that seems to always say “it’s ok. You don’t have to do that today. Just try another day.” 😉 THANK YOU to The Little Red Horse for the nomination…Here it goes:

1. FAMILY – Family, in every sense of the word, is everything to me. I am very close to my immediate family and my HUGE extended family (20 first cousins, about 5 more close family members acting as pseudo cousins and now, with the majority of us having children and married off…well, the number continues to climb). My little family with Mr. Darcy and our little one is so fulfilling to me and I look forward to expanding upon our threesome. Then there are my friends – oh man…family definitely expands to friends in my book. Some of my dearest friends know more about me than some of my own family members. Without them, I don’t know how I’d be. My “Family” has made me who I am and I’m so grateful.

2. Middle Child – I am a middle child – for those middle children reading this, you know what I mean. I am towards the middle in age of my cousins on both my mom and dad’s sides and I have an older sister and a younger brother.  I suffered from middle child syndrome as a child and I now embrace the intricacy of it as an adult… but it makes me who I am today and I’m so happy for it. I adore my older (and much wiser) sister, in fact, I have a hard time not talking to her every day now that she has a little one taking priority. My motherly heart belongs so strongly with my little brother that it aches if I ever feel like there is something more I could do for him as the older, wiser, and sometimes kooky sister. I’ve been called “outgoing” and I’ve been called “dramatic” and I like to think that just goes with the territory.

3. Travel – My mom has worked for the airlines for as long as I can remember. So, growing up I had the most spectacular traveling life. We would always travel for Easter/Spring break as a family and regularly took long trips during the Summer. Once September 11th happened, flying standby became more and more difficult, but I travelled as much as I could while I was still considered my mom’s “child.” Who can say they went to Paris twice in one year and flew back and forth from San Diego and San Francisco as if they were hopping in their car to go down the street in college – I CAN! Also, thanks to my mom, I backpacked through Europe for a month when I graduated from college and the flights totaled $30 at the end of my trip – CRAZY. To this day I absolutely LOVE to travel and happen to have found a job that sends me around the United States pretty frequently. I am usually heading to New York City, but who can complain about NYC?! In fact, I’m off to NYC this Sunday – I look forward to keeping you updated from the Big Apple.

4. FRIENDS – Mr. Darcy and I have known each other for a LONG time – we met our senior year of high school, were great friends for years and started dating our senior year of college. After officially dating for 5 additional years, we married and are about to celebrate our 2 year anniversary on December 11th (We were married 12-11-10). He was my best friend and even though he now holds the title of my husband, he still holds the best friend title…it’s pretty cool.

Our “First” Dance

5. IRISH PRIDE – I am an Irish American and I am so proud of it. My great grandmother immigrated over when she was a young child – ALL ALONE. She actually travelled to New York by herself because her brother was here waiting for her…could you imagine?! Everyone in my family (both sides) strongly identifies with our Irish heritage (maybe it is because it gives us a chance to be proud of our pasty white skin and not cover it up with spray tan…St. Patty’s day is one of my fave days of the year!). Just the sound of the first few notes of Danny Boy or an Irish flute makes my heart swell a bit and the beginning to this song makes me feel so cool (I made my brother walk into this at our wedding):

6. FOOD – Who doesn’t love a good meal?! Mr. Darcy is a VERY good cook – hence why I impress myself when he likes my food – so I LOVE when he decides to recreate a meal from the MANY food shows we watch: Chopped, Top Chef, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, etc. Well, my bosses take that love to a whole new level and I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious restaurants around thanks to them.  In fact, I have enjoyed a variety of the Top Chef owned and Michelin rated restaurants in NYC and SF – Mr. Darcy is VERY jealous. Some of my FAVORITES and regular spots include:  NYC – Gramercy Tavern’s front bar restaurant, Tom Colicchio’s Craft, The Meatball Shop (although I hear this place is now ALWAYS crowded) and The Burger Joint – hidden in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel lobby (OK, yes, I know you New Yorkers fight over where the best burger is…and trust me, I’ve tried MANY burger joints in NYC. I also enjoy Corner Bistro in West Village (note: I was hungover when I enjoyed this meal though so I have to try it again in a completely sober and able-to-judge state), but so far, The Burger Joint tops my list…plus, who can pass up their DELISH shakes?!  As for SF, it is very hard to pick because I grew up here. My grandfather regularly took us to the House of Prime Rib (if you are a Prime Rib fan, this is the place to go…and their beet salad is the BEST around) and I LOVE it. In fact, it is probably my favorite steak place in SF because of the memories…and the delish meat and sides. BUT there are other incredible steak places around here too – Izzy’s, The Brazen Head (DELISH – I love this place), Bobo’s (people told me this was the BEST place to get a steak in SF, but I have to say, it was not my fave), Ruth’s Chris (a favorite of Mr. Darcy’s dad) and so many more I won’t waste your time listing them. I also love the amazing restaurant trio: Town Hall, Salt House and Anchor & Hope and who doesn’t LOVE Boulevard or Tadich Grille – the oldest restaurant in SF and maker of all KILLER fish dishes (Charlotte and I ate lunch here yesterday – it felt like such a special treat for a regular work day!) Mr. Darcy and I lived in a little SF neighborhood called Noe Valley for awhile and our favorite restaurant (and the place we have our anniversary dinner every year) is Le Zinc.

7. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – In another life I was on Broadway….I had to have been! OK, I have no way of knowing that, but my love for live theater (especially musicals) and shows like GLEE, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol are so intense that I MUST have been! Funny Girl is probably my FAVORITE MOVIE of all time (I make a giddy giggle noise every time Barbara begins singing) and my favorite part of any movie is when they break out in song – First Wives Club “You Don’t Own Me,” Bridesmaids “Hold On,” Sister Act and Sister Act Back In The Habit – The ENTIRE movie (although my favorite song is the private singing session in the church)! Plus, if you couldn’t tell from the title of this page, I used to love practicing my acceptance speech (see one of my fave acceptance speeches below – I love you Sally Field).

Just for kicks, here are the videos from First Wives Club AND Sister Act:

Fun to watch this whole thing, but if you want to push up to the speech, go to 2:35:

Lastly, it appears many of my favorite bloggers have been nominated for awards already (CancerKillingRecipe, Talkin’ Shit Nick, of course the Little Red Horse, etc. etc.) but thanks to this blog and my previous reading activities, I’d like to award the following blogs with an award:

Thank you again…to everyone!

XO, Karen (aka The Pinterest Woman)


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