My LOVE & HATE relationship with business travel

UPDATED – I removed some images in this post, so apologize if you are a new reader. I hope you enjoy the content and hope you will come back again and again…I promise to share more colorful posts in the future!

It’s official, I’m off to New York and Connecticut this weekend and I’m kind of dreading it. Don’t get me wrong, I love NYC and CT, but it is never fun to leave my family, home (aka my own bed, really) and living out of a suitcase for a week is never fun. BUT, I love my job and my clients are pretty amazing, so I’m sucking it up and look forward to keeping you updated from the road!

When I first started this blog, things were slow at work, so now that it is picking up to its usual, fast paced and, sometimes, crazed schedule, my updates may be a bit scattered and random, but that’s what business travel does to me- scatters me and makes me do random things – YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU HAD 6AM EST CALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE ON PST TIME! Now, there are MANY things I like about traveling and one of them is definitely the fact that I get to have coffee shop coffee every morning!!! (It’s the little things.) Now please don’t roll your eyes, but I am a fan of Starbucks* coffee (Grande Soy Misto – aka Starbuck’s Café Au Lait – heavy on the coffee for this lady).

But, I digress. One thing about travel that always leaves me in a panic is packing (Mr. Darcy always steers clear when I’m packing) – especially for completely different climates. This time of the year, NYC and CT are MUCH warmer than CA. I’m never sure what kind of warm it is going to be either – gross, muggy warm OR hot, dry warm? Since reports RAIN on Tuesday in NYC, I’m thinking it is going to be more of the gross, muggy warm…yay! SO, I went to PINTEREST.

SEARCH TERMS: Work outfits, Business Outfits…and Business Travel Workouts (I will report back on that next week). I pulled the following outfit ideas (TIP: I only PIN ideas that can be created with my current clothing options) and hope to recreate them while I’m in the City (another thing about NYC that stresses me out is that you can’t just go dressed in work attire – I mean, you can, but everyone looks so great. I always like to put my best foot forward for my client and for me!). I’ll update with photos of my take on these outfits, but only if I look cute. If I don’t look cute, I will be sucking it up since I will have no other options – HENCE my panic around packing!

WISH ME PACKING LUCK – I’ll be panicking through that tomorrow! Happy Friday Readers! XOXO, ME

Yep, I’m pretty proud when I get to whip this thing out!

*TIP: If you are a fan of Starbucks and have not registered your Starbucks card, I urge you to go do that…NOW! I ran a marathon with a woman that worked at Starbucks one time and after 26.2 miles of running and hearing about the Starbucks rewards program, well, I felt like an idiot that I had not signed up yet. The program is quick to move through and after only a few coffee purchases, you start receiving all sorts of free things…INCLUDING free extras (I get my soy free EVERY time now, so I basically pay for a Grande coffee). They also send great coupons and free food offers. I’m telling you, it’s a great program…OH, and if you drink enough Starbucks, you eventually become a Gold Card member and they send you an awesome card with your name on it (Yep, that’s how I roll):


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