NYC “Pins” I MUST Recreate

As you know, I’m currently in New York City, about to head to Connecticut. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many fabulous things here in NYC so I am challenging myself to recreate them one day soon. For instance:
How cute is it to serve a first course in a footed bowl:


And the more popular macarons become, the more I want to make them (although the price is making me a lil nervous about how hard they will probably be to make…but I will try):


Ooh, and last night I had a delish Chicken Pad Thai – I’d love to have those noodles every night…mmmmm.

Fitzpatrick Hotel’s Bar/restaurant:


I love the tables and those fancy barn lights. Add a few twinkle Christmas lights and my back patio could be just as inviting! Pinning!!!

For what it is worth, the Fitzpatrick Hotel is fabulous. It is a small hotel in Midtown East with a welcoming staff and it is run by Irish people – of course I love it. Upon check in, I was greeted by the sweetest woman and her Irish brogue and every time I walked through the lobby they greeted me “Hello Mrs. Darcy.” So awesome. The rooms are larger than most NYC hotel rooms and, for the most part, it is clean. It also has that awesome restaurant attached with that great patio. On Sunday I had a late meeting so we met there. I asked for off-menu brown bread (brown soda bread) and they brought me two plates of it and said it was complementary. While the brown bread at the Irish Restaurant in my parent’s town is much tastier, I did enjoy the welcoming gesture and I still ate a huge buttered hunk of the bread ;-)…of course I did. It is raining today so they pulled the canopy over the patio. Usually it is just an open air patio – love it. Anyhoo, the hotel is right across the street from Grand Central and many of the clientele are from Ireland so if you are outside or in the lobby, you can’t beat your surroundings ;-).

All in all it was a successful trip, both for the Pinterest Woman and for my business self. I’m on the train in Grand Central and look forward to reporting on all of my Connecticut “pins” as well.

Have a great night!


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