Worries…Blogger Advice Request

I’ve been in meetings all day today and the topic of social media came up. I, of course, had a lot to say on the Pinterest front…In fact, I was kind of like a kid in a candy shop, promoting it as if it is my job, ha. Anyhoo, this meeting also started a long conversation about recent lawsuits where Pinners are being sued for copyright infringement. WHAT?! Ok, ok, I have been hearing rumors of this, but the reality of it is that we need to be careful. I read this article today: http://www.lextechnologiae.com/2012/03/03/why-deleting-your-pinterest-boards-over-copyright-concerns-is-an-overreaction/. It does a nice job of highlighting the ways you can avoid copyright infringement on Pinterest, but this raises, the question – How can I avoid this via ThePinterestWoman.WordPress.com?! Help!!

Dear readers, I would love to continue Pinning and writing about it, but can you – especially my new blogger friends – give me advice? Does a link or mention of the website where the Pin is found, written in the caption enough?!

Advice, PLEASE!!!

XOXO, Karen

PS. In one of my meetings this morning my colleague was presenting on the things my team does. We are a team of MANY girls and only three boys. So he said, “we are basically a jack…and jills…of all trades.” I just thought it was funny and thought I’d share. Kind of cute. RANDOM!


2 thoughts on “Worries…Blogger Advice Request

  1. MaRo says:

    Hello and thank you for this opportunity to share experiences. I’d like to begin with the legal bill resulting from my experience with Pinterest: 22,000 dollars. Before you gasp at the number, I was very lucky as it could have been considerably more. I had to disburse this amount for damages to an artist regarding several images representing his paintings that I had pinned on my now deleted pinboards.

    Starting with a disclaimer that I am not a lawyer, a caption does not help at all.

    All my pins had links to the artist website where they had originated. This also did not help at all.

    It was explained to me (I still don’t understand it perfectly) that artists make money in many ways outside of printing and licensing and some wish to retain some exclusivity in the display of their art on the internet.

    Don’t take my word for it, please read another story similar to mine:

    Thank you again for this opportunity to warn others.

    • Hello MaRo,

      I really appreciate the feedback. The link was very helpful and some of my other blogger friends could probably use this too. Thank you. From reading the article, I would have thought that my use was a Fair use. Were you able to make that argument in your argument? If so, why wasn’t that argument successful? I’m just so curious what kind of damages claims they were able to make since you weren’t making commercial use of it.

      It is terrible that this happened. Thank you for sharing your experience with me though.

      Kind regards, TPW

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