Nom, Nom, Nom – Comfort Food

As I mentioned in previous posts, my colleagues and clients enjoy food – we love everything about it: cooking it, eating it, trying new restaurants to taste different ways of serving it and talking about it. Last week my client/friend and I were saying that grilled cheese and tomato soup always sounds so good and cozy but we just do not like tomato soup. HOWEVER, throw the word “basil” in with that soup and we are all about it. My friend took it a step further and told me he recently saw Grilled Cheese “Croutons” for Tomato Soup on Pinterest SO I knew I had to try this when I returned home.

WELL, it turns out this weekend was the perfect time to do it! After long trips like last week’s, I usually become a little bit of a hermit and can only rally myself to go out long enough to get a movie from REDBOX. It was also a cool weekend weather-wise so comfort food sounded PERFECT. SO, when Mr. Darcy started searching my Pinterest boards for dinner ideas (Yes, I’ve recruited him…well, he doesn’t have his own page, but he takes advantage of mine ;-)) and found a Tomato Basil soup I was THRILLED – it’s like it was meant to be!

OUR REVIEW of’s Tomato, Basil, and Cheddar Soup:

DELISH!!! It is SUPER hearty (we used our immersion blender instead of a food processor because I prefer a chunky soup over a smooth soup) and although it calls for a cup of cheese, it is pretty healthy! We swapped the Greek Yogurt for 0% Greek Yogurt and Cheese for Lowfat Cheese. THEN, WAIT FOR IT, we made one grilled cheese, cut it into small squares and dropped them into the soup…OH MY WORD, it was PERFECT. Even though they got a bit soggy at the end, they were still cheesey and delicious!


In Progress…



And I’m excited to report that we actually had leftovers ;-). I had some for lunch – sans grilled cheese croutons – and it is a GREAT leftover ;-). We are going to make grilled cheese sticks tonight and DUNK them instead of “croutons” to avoid the sogginess. Mack is here tonight so I’ll let you know if he feels differently than Mr. Darcy and I, but The Darcys love this recipe ;-).

Oh, and to top off our night of comfort food, I made sugar cookies wrapped around Rolos and Heath Bars with caramel sauce drizzled over the top. Sadly, I only have a before photo…we basically nommed down these cookies as soon as they were removed from the oven (this is becoming a bad habit). Do I even need to write a review?!


OF COURSE I CHEATED! I couldn’t even rally to write blog posts. Yes, I purchased the sugar cookie dough, BUT they don’t come out cute and fluffy that way so next time I’ll make my own sugar cookie dough.


XOXO, Karen


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