Morning After…Comfort Food…Nom, Nom, Nom

Apparently the theme of my weekend was comfort food, ha! Ok, but there was a reason for this second attempt at comfort food. As you know, I’m planning for my 30th birthday fiesta. It turns out multiple people from out of town are going to make the trek out to our house for the party!!! (We are up to 89 RSVPs…I’m so honored). With that said, two people have already “reserved” our couch, Mack has staked his claim over the guest room (although we already told him if Charlotte or other cousins want it, they trump him, ha – he is a gentleman so I know he would give up his claim) and we have pulled our blow up bed and borrowed another just in case more people want to stay. SO, when’s Sweet Potato Hash was going around Pinterest this weekend – the image is too tempting to pass up – and I discovered that it is a bake-in-advance-and-save-for-later recipe, I knew it would be PERFECT! Well, perfect IF it was delicious. SO, Mr. Darcy and I made it this weekend because we had to try it!

THE RECIPE (make sure you click through this link to see what this dish looks like with sweet potatoes – now you know why I HAD to pin it):


I LOVE sweet potatoes but Mr. Darcy is not a fan. SO we swapped sweet potatoes for russet potatoes – the birthday dish will feature Sweet Potatoes though…it is my birthday after all 😉

We also used half the rosemary that it calls for. I love rosemary, but it seemed like a lot. You could still really taste the rosemary with only half of what it called for.  We usually purchase our sausage from Mollie Stones so it is fresh and we cut the potatoes up into small, thin, rectangles to guarantee they came out crispy.


She is right, the eggs actually cook quickly so watch those…

OUR REVIEW – HOLY GOODNESS. This was such a great dish.The texture was perfect and the salty taste and great seasoning are going to be the PERFECT coating for our tummies the day after my Margarita filled 30th Birthday Bash. The best part?! You can make this in advance and save it in the fridge for up to 5 days – 5 DAYS!! SO, to avoid spending more money on a breakfast out with everyone the day after my party, I’ll make this dish in advance and then throw it in the oven for 15 minutes the morning after my party!!! It is hearty, looks like you spent a ton of time on it and it is sooo good. Mack took some leftovers and Mr. Darcy has been eating it in the morning this week – they say the leftovers are just as good ;-).

SO excited about my 30th birthday weekend!!!

XOXO, Karen


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