INSPIRED – Happy Anniversary Young House Love!

For readers who come here for DIY home ideas, I MUST introduce you to (YHL). My sister introduced me to the YHL back when Mr. Darcy and I purchased our home and the young couple who puts it together is such an inspiration. Obviously their DIY skills have inspired many but if you are not familiar with them, I’d love to add you to one of the many who read their blog. Seriously, they have the greatest ideas. I have to say, I was super inspired by all that they did in their first home (See before and after shots here: While they seem to be tackling harder and harder jobs in their new home, I am still learning A LOT from their original home and current projects.

Anyhoo, they just celebrated their 5 Year Blogiversary yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their celebration video (she reminds me of Jenna Lee Dewan, better known as Tatum Channing’s wife – wait, what?! That’s not how you know Jenna? Oh, ok, sorry. That is how she is better known to me, ha!) and I thought you might enjoy getting to know them too:

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY to two of the most incredible DIY home owners! I only hope Mr. Darcy and I can do justice to some of your incredible DIY projects – especially this headboard project: I just pinned this the other day (Thank you for having the PIN IT button on your website) and fingers-crossed, I’ll have a new headboard before the end of the year ;-).

XO, Karen


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