Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle – A “Haute” Butt

OK, with the weekend upon us, I keep thinking of this past weekend AND it wasn’t TOTALLY dedicated to comfort food…I had to mix in a few workouts because this front hump is getting almost as big as my back humps, ha! As I said last week, this is the first time I had PINTEREST on a business trip and it was like having a personal trainer in my back pocket! I tried TheHauteBunny’s Brazillian Butt workout as part of a longer workout while on the road and it HURT the next morning…but in a good I-guess-I-NEVER-workout-my-butt-correctly way ;-). So, last weekend I did those tough workouts again and plan on trying them again this weekend.

Try this BUTT WORKOUT out people, it is awesome: http://thehautebunny.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/brazilian-butt-workout/ (I love her moving photos…so much more helpful than trying to describe these nuanced movements in words)

I also did Shape.com’s 10-Crunch-Free-Ab-Workouts twice on the East Coast trip…and I forced myself to do them again last weekend: http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/10-crunch-free-moves-killer-abs?page=2. I can’t tell if this one worked because I was so sore from travel that I need to do this one again to see if it works…will report back after attempting again this weekend.

Inspired by the above Ab workout, I searched Pinterest for more Shape.com workouts and found this amazing “25 Most Deceiving Exercises (They Tone More than You Think!): http://www.shape.com/fitness/25-most-deceiving-exercises-they-tone-more-you-think?page=12” MY REVIEW: My quads are SUPER sore today and I was definitely sweating more than I thought these workouts would make me…but can ANYONE do a Ninja Tuck Jump?! This link takes you directly there…try it! Report back!

Anyhoo, my front hump needs some help. If you guys have ANY ab workouts that work for you, please share! I just saw Gwen Stefani’s performance on Ellen and GOOD LORD, if that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is!

Here’s to a weekend full of DIY crafts (less comfort food testing) and workouts!!!

OUCH, Karen


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