Live from the Giants Parade!!!

Buster Drives By

Orange and black MADNESS!!!




Snooki Gives The SF Giants A Run For Their Money

For those of you who have been on this blogging journey with me from the beginning, you can probably imagine my dilemma – dress up for Halloween OR for the SF Giants World Series Parade?! I know what you are thinking – do both: ORANGE AND BLACK BABY!!!

BUT, Halloween is all about dressing up for me and I think it is important to “bring the fun” to the office on a daily basis. PLUS, I always look forward to the TODAY SHOW Halloween Costume Segment (it really kicks of the Holiday season for me), but they rightfully postponed it due to this Beezy storm Sandy*.


SNOOKI BEAT SF GIANTS in the end…can you believe it?!

OK, I actually kind of cheated – I snuck a new orange and black scarf my girlfriend brought back from Hong Kong in my purse so I have something to represent my boys today ;-). Of course I did ;-). And here it is…the costume in all of its glory:


Sorry so blurry…can you see how messy my bathroom is? Yes, the poof took forever so I was FRENZIED getting ready for work…(I added leggings and a Snooki appropriate cardigan to make this work appropriate).



Isn’t baby Lorenzo so cute! I love his little Italian Flag hat! I’m using my fancy animal print clutch as his pillow for now.


I injured my back earlier this week so I swapped my killer Snooki heels for, also, killer Snooki slippers! $9.99 at Target!


MAKEUP & Poof: YIKES – I used a TON of Bare Essentials “Warmth” this morning…can you tell?!

Here is a TERRIBLE tutorial on how to make Snooki’s poof – while she isn’t able to get the poof up, it does help one figure out how she actually makes it so high:


These LA jokes don’t get old to us Bay Area folks

XOXO, Karen

*To those of you Eastern friends stuck in this “Sandy” mess, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there. I hope normalcy returns to you soon.

Weekend Recap: Giant Candy!

Oh wait, no, I mixed that up…I meant to say…THE GIANTS ARE CHAMPIONS!!!! AND…time for candy!!! 😉 Oh yeah, it is basically raining Orange and Black here in the Bay Area. They’ve scheduled the World Series Parade for Halloween – PERFECT…Although, I’m going to have to figure out a way to make my Mommy-Snooki costume orange and black ;-).

Anyhoo, it has been QUITE an exciting couple of days and I could not have spent it with better people:


On Friday Elizabeth hosted the Magic Mike party – I scoured the Trader Joe’s freezer section for party-appropriate snacks and left with: Corndogs (Oh yeah, I had to get some sort of hot dog option, and since our party was SUPER corny I thought this was appropriate), MeatBALLS AND Chocolate covered NUT clusters)!

Movie review: Magic Mike was PERFECT for a girls movie night because, well, it was awful. I will NEVER forget that first scene when Channing Tatum – swoon – gets out of bed and each of the “performance” scenes are absolutely WONDERFUL (insert girlie squeals and WHOOP WHOOP sound effects). But there was QUITE a back story to this movie…which offered wonderful time for us girls to catch up…of course, whenever the PERFORMANCES started, we all paused to watch ;-).


Yes, as Mack said, I had quite the “dirty weekend.” Saturday morning/afternoon, I ran the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Pleasanton to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. My Godmom is a recent Breast Cancer survivor and this run/walk was so fun to do with her. She was a TROOPER and did EVERY mud obstacle with me…there were lots of “ew, ew, ew”s and plenty of “eeeks” but it was a GREAT time! That afternoon I sank into my couch with Mr. Darcy and our little one and watched “The Campaign.” SURPRISINGLY to me, I quite enjoyed “The Campaign.”


Last night was (I do not like using this word, but I simply cannot think of a better one at this moment) EPIC! Mack’s parents hosted a party and Mr. Darcy and I were thrilled to get the invite so we could enjoy the game among the Mack Friends and Fam – GAMES ARE SO MUCH BETTER WITH A GROUP! When the Giants won – THEY WON – the entire house seemed to explode…WHAT A GAME!!! I will always remember watching our boys win the 2012 World Series with Mr. Darcy, Mack and the Mack Fam!

WOW, what a WEEKEND!!!! And NOW HALLOWEEN!!! Happy Week of Halloween. For those of you who are stuck in this TERRIBLE storm and/or just looking for a little fun this Halloween, this video is pretty cute…ENJOY:


XO, Karen

The World Series Is TOTALLY Messing With My Schedule

BUT, I’m loving it ;-).

It is crazy busy at work, I’m a single mom this week (will explain further tomorrow) and the Giants are in the World Series! Meaning, lots of late nights, hosting friends to watch the game and stressing over our boys! Again, I love it ;-).

I have lots to share tomorrow – last night’s meal review (MANY learnings) and how this blog is keeping me on track through a BUSY and stressful week. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this special treat:


Oh Brian….

GO GIANTS!! Don’t STOP Believing!!!

XOXO, Karen

Nom, Nom, Nom – World Series Approved Menu: Mozzarella Sticks & More

I can’t contain my excitement – THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!

Bring on the game day get-togethers, creative orange attire and random shouts of “GO GIANTS” from passersby on the streets! Tonight Elizabeth is coming over to watch the game and I want to make an ALL AMERICAN dinner (or one that makes us feel like we are at the park) in honor of our boys going to the World Series!

DILEMMA!!! With the Holidays approaching (including one that lists CANDY as the number one food group), I want to be more aware of my growing front hump (HAPPY HUMP DAY BTW). However, the Giants playing so well is deserving of a FUN meal. SO, tonight’s menu is as follows:

  • Mozzerella Sticks!
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Pizza
  • COOKIES!!!

OK, ok, you might be wondering – HOW is THAT menu going to help with the front hump?! Well, thanks to Pinterest I’m going to make the following tweaks to the menu:

  • Mozzarella Sticks* – I found an AMAZINGLY easy recipe that tells you to “Cut up string cheese, dip in skim milk, then Italian bread crumbs. Bake at 425 for 7-10 minutes.” I’ll use Trader Joe’s Reduced Fat string cheese and keep the skim milk, for a protein filled appetizer!
  • Pizza – Oh yeah, you know it, I’m going to make Mr. Darcy’s fave Zucchini Pizzas from instead! Add a little sausage and nom, nom, nom:
  • Corn on the cob – SO, we have leftover corn on the cob, so I went to Pinterest to see what I could do and THIS amazing recipe makes, what looks like, a DELICIOUS corn salad with avocados and tomatoes – two of my fave things! DEFINITELY making this one tonight:
  • Cookies – Well, cookies just shouldn’t be messed with. I know there are healthier desserts out there, BUT my mom made a TON of cookies for my 30th Fiesta and they are delicious. SO, we are going to splurge on dessert!!! Besides, that light stuff is NEVER filling. Go with a little fat and fill up faster!

Nom, Nom, Nom:



XO, Karen

*I starred the Mozzarella Ball recipe because this pin was mispinned on PINTEREST. Please be sure to pin correctly so we can all enjoy the link back to recipes! That pinner put the recipe in the description, but that is cheating the original chef out of a link back – unless that pinner was the chef. Either way, I wanted to write a quick note about that.

Tangerine Tango & its cousin ‘Orange’ are the colors of the Season!

Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s time to get creative with my orange clothing! Pinterest got me through the season and now I’m pulling all of my fave outfits out for the World Series baby!!! I worked from home today so spent the extra time in the morning, when I’m usually driving into the office, to launder my best Orange clothing and Giants attire!

I’ve put together enough outfits to get me through each World Series game – if we go all 7 games – and I have a few ways of switching them up in case the weather does not cooperate!


So many options!

I have a few casual options for the weekend (notice the shorts with sweatshirt options – typical October outfits here in the Bay: Too warm for jeans and a sweatshirt, too cold to go without a sweatshirt).


Puffy vests, sweatshirts AND of COURSE my World Series champ shirt from 2010!

And then I have a few options that I can pull off at work – no shorts allowed, BUT nice SF attire is totally OK!


My orange pashmena, orange sweater and orange silk top (pictured here) were GREAT solutions for work appropriate SF Giants representation!

And last, but definitely not least, I will bring my SF pride to bed with me by wearing my fave Giants shirt – my FEAR THE BRIDE shirt. Yep, that is right, Mr. Darcy and I were engaged the last time the Giants went to the World Series so my company hosted the most incredible shower at AT&T Park. Playing off of the “Fear The Beard” shirts that were so popular back then, my company had these shirts made up for everyone in the company to sport during the shower – IT WAS AMAZING!


Our bridal take on Brian Wilson’s FEAR THE BEARD shirts

I sure hope our SF Giants are as ready as my wardrobe is!!! WOOHOO! GOOOO GIANTS!

I hope everyone can tune in tomorrow – our boys have GREATLY appreciated the support thus far!

XOXO, Karen