Happy Birthday Month and HALLOWEEN!!!

It’s official, we can all start decorating for the holidays!!! I love this time of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but there is a holiday to celebrate every month until the end of the year!!! I LOVE IT!

I enjoy how a holiday just screams (pun intended) for get-togethers. One of my best friends, let’s call her Elizabeth* loves the holidays as well – she and I have already scheduled our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! As the holidays draw near, I have a feeling you will be hearing about Elizabeth much more ;-).  Anyhoo, two fun things about this time of the year are the decorating possibilities and that Pottery Barn catalogs become my real-life Pinterest homepage. Since this weekend kicks of Birthday Month/Halloween/BEST TIME OF THE YEAR I went to Pinterest and my PB catalogs for inspiration – what do you think of my mantel!?!


Mantel shot number one – before the candle sticks were swapped


Close up…I purchased that AWESOME “snow” globe at TJ Maxx Home Goods (LOVE THAT STORE) and that little bat is made out of LEGO bricks…cool, right?! Carrie got me those little witch boot candle stick holders at Cost Plus for a 25th birthday present and I absolutely love them…they make a GREAT Fall/October hostess gift btw!


Swapped the black candle holders for silver holders to help cast the light from my jack-o-lantern lights out. OH and the pumpkin on the floor is fake. Mr. Darcy carved it years ago and his mom gifted it to us when we purchased our house…kind of neat 😉

Inspired by a PB decoration, I Photoshopped my nephew into a WANTED poster and replaced his photo on the mantle with it…it is kind of cute if I don’t say so myself ;-). As I was decorating away, a huge smile came across my face when Carrie sent me the following photo text message:

“Started to decorate this weekend”


I should note that Halloween is Carrie’s absolute FAVORITE…let me say it again, FAVORITE Holiday.


I was impressed with her darkness…I cannot decorate with the spiders because I have the BIGGEST fear of them and worry that I’ll have nightmares of these fake ones coming alive.


XOXO, Karen

*Elizabeth was my dear friend’s Confirmation name. She would have legally added it to her name when she was married but did you know that if you are changing your name beyond a last name due to marriage it costs hundreds of dollars?! I guess Chad Ocho Cinco now Chad Johnson really does make enough money that he can just change his name whenever he wants. 😉


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