Nom, Nom, NOMMMM – SkinnyTaste Cajun Chicken Pasta

You may remember my review of SkinnyTaste’s AMAZING chicken stuffed zucchini enchiladas*…WELL, an amazing looking chicken pasta was going around PINTEREST last week under “healthy” themed boards and when I went to pin it, I saw that it linked back to again…The Zucchini Enchiladas were SO good and did NOT taste “skinny” so I HAD to try this recipe:

I swear it was meant to be – Mr. Darcy had just finished complaining grumbling that we NEVER eat pasta! (SIDEBAR – How many of us have been on the low carb diet? I totally did it in college, even bought a book called “Carbaholic” what?! – before the studies came out saying it really isn’t great for women – and ever since then, I eat very little pasta.) But, Mr. Darcy hurt his back and was not feeling well, so I thought I’d do him a solid and figure out a delicious pasta dish for dinner. SkinnyTaste’s Cajun Chicken Pasta seemed like a happy medium – TONS of veggies, lots of protein and some pasta. PLUS, the ingredients are SUPER easy to find (we had most of them) and once you chop everything up, it is a quick dish to prepare – PERFECT for cooking on a work night!

OUR REVIEW: This dish is delicious. A warning to new cooks like me, SkinnyTaste says to put as much seasoning on “to taste” – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! I was able to taste it, and it was good. BUT once I put everything together, I wished I had put a little bit more Cajun seasoning on. With that said, it was hearty, felt healthy and it was very tasty. We had leftovers that have lasted two lunches and one dinner. Since Mr. Darcy does not have an aversion to microwaved chicken, he has had warm leftovers that he loved and I enjoyed cold leftovers. So, yes, we will absolutely make this dish again…but maybe a month or so from now – I’m a carbaholic afterall ;-).


Look at all of those veggies!!!

I also enjoyed cooking this dish. It felt therapeutic to walk through each of the steps (similar to the Zucchini enchiladas, there were a few cooking steps – chopping and cooking veggies, cooking chicken, boiling pasta, blending healthy cream sauce and combining all of the delicious ingredients) and the cooking time made it feel slow and steady, instead of fast and rushed. So, I turned on my COLE PORTER Pandora station, popped open a Russian River Consecration – so much for not drinking in September – and cooked!


Russian River Brewing Company’s Consecration


More and more veggies…YUM!


XO, Karen


MMMMM – I probably could have cut the pasta portion in half, but will remember to do that next time.

*If you are new to my blog, WELCOME!!! Here is my review of SkinnyTaste’s Zucchini Enchiladas:


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