Giants & Sailors & Readers OH MY! – Friday Inspiration

The weather is changing RAPIDLY here in San Francisco – we had a heat wave this week and now it is getting back to normal (65 degrees). WELCOME TO SF’s SUMMER MONTHS (aka. October). Why am I bringing this up?! Because weeks like this stress me out style-wise – I even reverted to my old self this week: keeping myself up at night, worried about what I was going to wear the following day! So, the other night, while Mr. Darcy was at class, I spent HOURS Pinning Fall/Warm & Cool outfits for the next few days – I have to look fabulous for Birthday Week/PLAYOFFS/Fleet Week!!! 😉


Speaking of style, look at this ADORABLE headband my girlfriend loaned me for my Fiesta :


With that said, this weekend will be full of exciting activities – Fleet Week/Playoff parties, meeting up with old and new friends to celebrate all that is taking place in SF and prepping for the Fiesta! With my favorite sports team, friends and life in general to celebrate this weekend, I thought this sign, found in my Facebook news feed  was appropriate for a Friday post!

You may be small in numbers, but thank you to my dear readers who come back regularly and indulge me as The Pinterest Woman. You are helping me fulfill a fun goal (write a blog) as well as inspiring me to keep bettering myself. If I didn’t have you, I might not force myself to try new recipes, try and try again on my home DIY projects (I’m painting my garage door this weekend – stay tuned) and simply trying to be more outwardly thoughtful (I always have the best intentions for colleague’s birthdays, special holiday treats for friends, little ways of showing I care and yet, I feel like I never get around to it or simply don’t have a good way of doing this…YOU and Pinterest are helping). Happy Friday dear friends! I hope you have a fulfilling and relaxing/fun weekend.



P.S. Today’s outfit was inspired by PINTEREST – I’m loving that my new skinny black pants easily tuck into my boots (NOTE: I do not have a full length mirror at my disposal right now so I had to do this random leg-up-on-sink pose to get my full outfit in, hahaha…here’s to doing Yoga this weekend so this pose won’t hurt again, ha!)


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