As I sit here scanning Pinterest for this week’s breakfast/lunch/dinner plan & outfit schedule (this is quite an important week, I MUST look good) ;-), and go through my checklist of final 30th Fiesta to-dos, I had to check in and say “HI!” I’ve been thinking about you a LOT this weekend – looking forward to sharing details of this PINTERRIFIC weekend!

I hope you have all had an efficient and relaxing weekend and are enjoying all of the fun things that this time of the year brings – NFL Sunday Funday*, MLB Playoffs (It would be greatly appreciated if your positive thoughts could go towards the SF Giants today – just sayin’) and PUMPKINS!!! Elizabeth is unfortunately feeling under the weather today so our annual Pumpkin Patch trip has been cancelled today. SO, I think my little one and I are going to make a trip to the Safeway “Pumpkin Patch” instead today, I look forward to sharing what we come up with carving/decor-wise for those little suckers!


XOXO, Karen

*Something you should know about me. I don’t love football – I just don’t get it AND my motherly instincts always kick in when I really watch it and worry that everyone is going to break a limb or get a concussion, but I LOVE the social aspect of Football – the BBQ’s, tailgating and camaraderie of it all. I know, I know, that is such a girlie thing to say. But, it is true. And if I can’t be honest with you guys, who can I be honest with?! GOOOOOOO GIANTS!!!!


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