Nom, nom, nom: Protein breakfasts for carbaholics AND non-carbaholics

This Sunday I had so much fun trying out a variety of breakfast options – it was as if I was Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” when she wakes up that first morning with Richard Gere and has PLENTY of food options to choose from (minus the prostitute thing and plus the cooking). 😉  Since our Giants lost on Saturday, I was in a bit of a bummer mood so simply could not decide what I felt like – sweet or savory breakfast – so, naturally, I made both…and they were both great!

SWEET: 4 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pancakes –

My review – AWESOME! Nice and thick and tastey! On my first attempt I made them with half blueberry and half plain Greek yogurt because that is what I had in my fridge – don’t do that. Stick to the recipe. Next time I do blueberry yogurt I might add some more fresh blueberries. But other than that, just stick to it…and as the Blogger Chef says, “pick your favorite yogurt for this recipe.”


SAVORY: 100 Calorie Egg Cups –

My review: So easy, tastey and a great weekday option….and healthy!! Mr. Darcy loved these and only wished we had English Muffins to go with it! Note: If you have an old oven like Mr. Darcy and I, leave them in for one additional minute!



Happy noming dear readers!!! XO, Karen


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