“Happy Birthday,” on your special day! “Happy Birthday, that’s what we’re here to say…hey!”

Yes, those are lyrics to the Red Robin’s Restaurant birthday song, and YES, I did just sing it to myself. I sing it to everyone on their birthdays. When I was younger, my cousin/best friend Kat and I, FOR SOME REASON, loved going there and when it was our birthday, we THOROUGHLY enjoyed the bonus of that song (sung LOUDLY and clapping hands throughout):

Happy Happy Birthday

On Your Special Day

Happy happy Birthday

That’s what we’re here to say

Happy Happy Birthday 

May all your dreams come true

Happy Happy Birthday 

From the REDROBIN’S crew to you!

(NOTE: I was the Spirit Commissioner at my private elementary school and I changed the final lyric to “From St. X School To You!”, which I made the ENTIRE school sing to birthday boys & girls. SEE, I guess I’ve been recreating other’s ideas for awhile now! I promise to share SOME original ideas with you, PROMISE). 😉

Anyhoo, today has been a fabulous one. I started by calling my mom and thanking her for having me 30 years ago today. I swear, I never thanked my mom for this and after seeing my sister and cousins go through birth, I realized, I SHOULD. SO, I did. And she got choked up. And I cried. And, it was awesome. So dear readers, if you are lucky enough to still have your mom in your life on your birthday, thank her that day, and if your mom/dad/parental figure didn’t give birth to you, thank them any way. Thank them for PUTTING up with you through those terrible twos/tweens/teenage years. Just thinking back on the many different KARENs through the years makes me cringe. REALLY, I do! I’m sure I’ll cringe about a few things when I look back at the 30-Year-Old-Me, but for now those bratty childhood days, beezy high school years and distant college years – WOW, THANKS MOM and DAD – thanks for not giving up on me, thanks for loving me through it all and thanks for letting me be me and make the mistakes I made and helping me to avoid the mistakes I almost made!

My friend texted me this morning saying “Happy 30th, it is an amazing decade.” And you know what? I have a feeling she is right! Here is to the fabulous 30s and to continuing on my path to becoming a better me/woman!

Love to all of you, my new friends/readers. It has been so much fun and I look forward to sharing more about the decade I’m about to embark upon!

Birthday love and wishes, Karen


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