I’m dreaming of an ORANGE NLCS!!! Happy #OrangeOctober

Our boys did it again!!! Like how I called them, “Our” boys – yep, thanks to all of your positive thoughts and this city’s amazing fans – well, and the incredible talent of this year’s SF Giants – WE/THEY* DID IT AGAIN!!!


In fact, I love them and my little Chan Luu-type bracelet so much that the other night I thought I’d make a beaded bracelet to show support of these men in orange and black:

Giants Bracelet

I paired it with sliver today:

Beading Craft Session Celebrates OUR BOYS IN ORANGE AND BLACK!

What do you think?

It was like I was back in Girl Scouts, making hemp bracelets and necklaces again! 😉 In fact, I used this website as a little reminder course in flat hemp bracelet making: http://www.beadage.net/hemp/two_knots.shtml (Next time I might use leather string instead)!

XOXO, Karen

*Mr. Darcy used to play baseball and his father played for the local minor league team so they always make fun of me when I refer to the SF Giants as “we”. BUT, this is MY blog and today I’m reporting that “WE” did it again!!!


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