Fiesta vs. Spooky Fiesta – that is the question (+ Boo Video #4)

What a week! It has been busy at work and on top of that, I’ve been celebrating with friends and family every night – for my birthday and the GIANTS (much more low key celebrations than what I expect of Saturday, but celebrations all the same). AND, now that it is Friday, I am having a hard time concentrating on anything OTHER than the upcoming Fiesta!

I am so touched by the amount of friends and family who are prioritizing my party (some flying in for the bash, others showing just as much excitement as I am and a handful of family members dealing on the MANY logistics of a party for 75+ guests). Last night Mr. Darcy and I prepped our Sweet Potato Hash (see my original post on this DELICIOUS breakfast dish: and cleaned up the house…and along the way we came across a dilemma…

To remove the Halloween decorations or to leave them, that is the question.

Whether ‘tis fancier in the mind of guests to attend a Fiesta OR a Spooky Fiesta?! (You know it is Friday when I get all Shakespearian on you). I digress…since my decorating has been taken to an entirely new level this year (thank you PINTEREST) AND many of the family members attending my bash are going to be seeing my house and style for the first time, we decided to leave the Halloween decor. I did, however, put a pause on decorating this week given this dilemma…WELL, actually that is not true; I’ve been rearranging because our little one got into my pile of white pumpkins (3 for $2 for those of you that have LUCKY’s) and was throwing them up in the air, then pouncing on them and puncturing them with her paws and teeth.*

That same day, I stumbled across an adorable photo of black candle stick holders with small/medium sized (or Shmeedium, as Mr. Darcy likes to call it) white pumpkins instead of candles on them. Since the holders looked VERY similar to my dark brown Pottery Barn holders, I decided to do the same. CHECK OUT the WordPress blog this idea came from:! LOOK HOW CUTE HER MANTEL IS!! I love the addition of the decal.***

I did, however, hold off on carving my pumpkin – something I usually like to do around this weekend, BUT I’ve been using restraint, ha! I also cannot decide WHAT I’m going to do with my pumpkin this year. LAST YEAR I found a free, downloadable Storm Trooper cutout for carving (mine did not come out as great as I had hoped, BUT a Storm Trooper all the same):

Storm Trooper – Just search Pumpkin Carving Downloads/Stencils/etc.

This year I’m either going to carve it and drill holes in it (although that image is pretty prominent on PINTEREST right now and I like to put a small spin on things I find on PINTEREST) OR I’m going to avoid carving all together and use these ADORABLE felt cut outs from Good Housekeeping:

Not only would it allow me to reuse my pumpkins for THANKSGIVING/FALL décor, it is also such a fun and safe way to get little ones in on the decorating! In fact, a special little one is getting a “Safe Pumpkin Decorating Kit” from me this holiday season (Halloween stickers, pumpkin felt décor, a mini pumpkin, etc. )

ALTHOUGH, growing up, my mom taught me to sprinkle cinnamon on the lid of my pumpkin so when the flame is lit, the entire porch smells like pumpkin pie/bread. It is such a wonderful scent for the holidays! I MAY just have to carve** this year…we shall see!

Anyhoo, that’s right, it is Friday and I have a spooky Fiesta and Halloween pumpkin carving on the brain. So, with that, I will leave you with this amazing article****on why “Hocus Pocus” is the BEST Halloween Movie of all time (are you REALLY surprised that I feel this way? I mean, SJP AND Bette Midler are BOTH in it!): #AMUCKAMUCKAMUCK


XO, Karen

*Yep, [our little one pouncing on the pumpkins] happened as I was doing my makeup the other day and I kept hearing “Rolling noise, thud, thud, pause…..THUD” in the front room.

**Makezine suggests a GREAT solution for cutting the lid off of a pumpkin. It appears to be a great way to get all of the guts out as well as helps save you from burning your finger:

MY ONLY SUGGESTION: Cut a small square hole in the top of the lid to get more oxygen in the pumpkin, allowing the flame to glow brightly. AND, if you do my little cinnamon trick, the hole will also keep the lid from burning.

***Mantel decal – I wonder if she will share who the super secret sale is with?!

****BOO VIDEO #4 appears in this story too!


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