“They say: my, my, my…Fiesta, Fiesta”

Things I learned this weekend:

A. Jumping in a jump house at the age of 30 really messes up your equilibrium
LESSON #1 – It has been awhile since I jumped
LESSON #2 – Why?! It is so fun!
LESSON #3 – OH…because jumping in a jump house will make you trip over yourself for about 20 minutes after jumping.

B. Margaritas from a margarita machine are AMAZING
LESSON #1 – Get the Margarita Man’s* number and call him for EVERY Party!
LESSON #2 – At 30, drink a glass of water in between each Margarita
LESSON #3 – Stick to the small plastic cups put out for the machine and don’t go overboard using your “Fancy” (and larger) birthday-girl glass. At 30, larger glass means MUCH LARGER hangover

C. I’m a lucky girl
LESSON #1 – My family (extended and immediate) is incredible. We are big, we are mighty and we are rock solid. When we come together, we are all guaranteed a good time and my Fiesta was absolutely no exception to that rule…We may have been thrown a few NASTY curve balls through the years, but if you ask me, it has only brought us closer together. Is it weird to say I’m obsessed with my fam!? Well I am.
LESSON #2 – Mr. Darcy is such a stud. He kept a special surprise visit (see Lesson #3) secret for weeks, hosted an INCREDIBLE 30th Fiesta and totally embraced my extended birthday celebration – I can’t believe Birthday Week is over…but as my cousin said, “Birthday month is only HALF way enjoyed!”
LESSON #3 – In 30 years I have met the most incredible people and those who have stuck around for the ride have helped me craft my definition of family. I had friends come from near and far (one of whom flew from Texas with her hubby to surprise me – more on that later – ultimately making me feel like THE MOST SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GIRL EVER) and it truly would not have been the same without each of them.

D. (NOTE TO PARTY PLANNERS: LOOK AWAY) PINTEREST basically acts as a free party planner for unique party decor and celebration ideas. Although my sister and Godmom are incredibly talented in this arena, I am still SO impressed with what they were able to do for my party. Check out some of the decor photos from the party here (with links to the DIY websites we found on PINTEREST):


Mexican Flag banners (See my black candlesticks with white pumpkins up top!?! Yes, that is a black witch hat with feathers on it too, hehe)

As many of you may remember from Friday’s post, I chose to leave my Halloween decor up because this party acted as a pseudo open house for my family members who have not seen our house yet. I wanted them to see my style too so we left the decor and just spiced it up with some Fiesta decorations to keep with the party theme.


SOOO cute and colorful! Affordable and FUN way to decorate for birthdays, celebrations…30th Fiestas!!!

POM POMS: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226101/pom-poms-and-luminarias (NOTE: These take TIME and PATIENCE. While my sis, godmom and cousin totally gave me a pass on making these, they did reveal that they do rip VERY easily, so give yourself some time if you are going to make these)


Colorful pottery, candles, authentic Mexican food cans and flowers – EVERYWHERE!

MEXICAN CANS (aka flower vases): OK, I did not get this idea originally from Pinterest, these were a REAL LIFE pin. My girlfriend actually did this at a Mexican restaurant for her 40th and I LOVED it! The flowers were just found at Trader Joes – SERIOUSLY, so much more affordable…and if you get a few bushels you can make QUITE a few arrangements…look at the little one we placed in the bathroom:

Mini bathroom decor 😉

In addition to flowers, my aunt brought along these gorgeous blue bottles she had a colorful pieces of pottery and statues to add to the centerpieces found throughout our house…as she said, a Fiesta theme works well with a hoedown theme so we did some cowboy hats/boots and this piece below…it works!


Beautiful blue bottles, colorful birds, flowers, you name it – if it looks like it went with our color scheme and was colorful, we put it out!

This was the only section that really mixed the two decor styles – Halloween and Fiesta…in short, we embraced the Spooky Fiesta theme!


What did I tell ya?! SPOOKY FIESTA was the ultimate theme ;-)!

I purchased 100 feet of the colorful Papel Picado on Amazon for $10 (it decorated our entire backyard as well as a variety of spots throughout the house and the front door): http://www.amazon.com/PartyCheap-com-520-Plastic-Mexican-Cutout/dp/B001BQWWG2/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1350346798&sr=8-11&keywords=mexican+flags


Our lights held up throughout the party and those little paper balls actually lasted through the wet night!

Now, this will probably not come as a surprise, BUT, I did not get a chance to capture many photos of the party…I was enjoying it too much! However, I know MANY people took photos so I will DEFINITELY be doing follow up posts this weeks to share more and more of my party…can you tell I’m trying to work on getting people to pin my ideas?! 😉 I gotta give back ya know?! With that said, I DID capture a shot of our Sweet Potato Hash the day after and let me just tell you, it is the PERFECT day-after breakfast. We had 8 guests and we were all able to enjoy a hearty breakfast…AND IT ONLY TOOK 15 minutes to heat up!!!


Yet again, I got to the dish too late, SO here is a snapshot of what was LEFT of the hash (after the first dish up…it was GONE by the end).

All and all, it was a fabulous party…and as my college friend said over our after-morning Hash, “Now I can’t get that Jay Z “Fiesta” song** out of my head, “Fiesta, Fiesta!” I look forward to sharing more details of the bash, but hope you enjoyed this first installment…mostly focused on decor…I can’t WAIT to share notes on the food…mmmmm. Until then, I’m going to sleep. LESSON #4: “Bouncing back” is not as easy at 30 ;-). #SOWORTHIT!!!

XOXOXO, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*Bay Area residents: SMMargaritaMan.com, ask for George…he is AWESOME…For those of you not in the Bay check out MargaritaMan.com.

**This video has pretty harsh lyrics…I truly only knew the “Fiesta, Fiesta” part, BUT I thought I’d share for those of you who now have it in your head as well:


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