My Personal Stylist Goes By The Name “Pinterest”

This afternoon I had lunch with Charlotte and she complimented me on my “Pinterest” outfits. Why am I bringing this up? Well, because I NEVER received compliments on my outfits until Pinterest. I always had dreams of going to Nordies (aka Nordstroms) and having one of their personal shoppers help me out – I used a personal shopper ONCE in college for a special dance event but it was a bad experience.*

PINTEREST has helped me avoid anything like that again and has been working out for me…and at no cost! I have been meaning to share a few slides to show my take on outfits and have FINALLY had a chance to put them all together…SO, here are a few of my favorite Pinterest inspired outfits from the last few weeks/days when I was getting ready for my Fleet Week Party, tuning into the Giants Game after work and, well, TODAY:

What do you think?!

Anyhoo, that is just a sampling, but fun all the same! Maybe I should give Pinterest a real name so when I refer to him/her as my stylist you all know who I’m talking about…hmmm…MISS P – like Miss J from “Americas Next Top Model!”

XOXO, Karen

PS. I know I’ve talked a lot about my Fiesta and have not shared much of substance yet. BUT we sent out a thank you note via my Paperless Post invitation today with a link to a Shutterfly Share site I created for photo sharing SO I hope to get photos soon!

*My personal shopping experience took place years ago at the Macy’s in San Diego. The woman brought me a shapeless white suit (like a work suit that was $500) so I walked out. But really!?! I was on a college student budget, I was going to a special dance/party and I WAS IN COLLEGE – who wears suits to stuff like that? Maybe the sexy, shaping ones, but not a boxy suit!


4 thoughts on “My Personal Stylist Goes By The Name “Pinterest”

  1. Love this – you did a great job of actually re-creating. I really need to get better about doing this. We have SO MUCH at our fingertips – there is no reason for me to be getting mad at my closet because I “have nothing to wear”.

  2. Oh thank you so much! I know, I actually forget about Pinterest sometimes and still do the whole “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” song and dance. BUT this blog is a good reminder to check it on a daily basis, haha.

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