The Pinterest Woman’s TOP 25 GIRLS NIGHT MOVIES

I am SOOO looking forward to this weekend. Charlotte and I are heading to Los Angeles to have a girls weekend with my sister (there will be one little man in attendance as well, but he is SO cute that we don’t mind the testosterone). The plan is to lounge around and get some good ladies time in. Part of that plan is watching GIRLIE MOVIES. NOW, I take my movie watching VERY seriously. So, when I was self-tasked with going through my collection to bring my fave movies to LA I was inspired to write a little post about my TOP GIRLS NIGHT MOVIES. I should note here, that movies I deem “Girlie” are ones I know Mr. Darcy will not enjoy with me. SOO, really, there are a TON of ROMCOMS on this list.

BTW, I went to PINTEREST to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and smiled when my favorite movie came up first when I typed in “ROMCOM.” It also showed me that I was going to have to break this list up. SO, my first list is basically my all time faves, then I go into tear jerker movies, then “sexy” girlie movies – because really, Girls Nights usually happen for MANY reasons.

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise when I say there were quite a few connecting factors in my movie selections:

  • The majority are VERY cheesy. BUT “CHEESY” does NOT a girlie movie make! It must be cheesy in its celebration of women (aka GIRL POWER) and/or love story aspects.
  • Many also have some tear jerker element, but usually due to love or gaining girl power (and sometimes even PARENTING)
  • ALL of them have a hot man or swoon worthy male character
  • Lastly (I even laughed when I recognized this), many of my favorites have a scene where the lead characters break into song…yep, I know.

SOO, while this was VERY difficult and I’m still wavering on a few, HERE IT GOES:

ThePinterestWoman’s Top Girls Night (Mixed with RomCom) Movies –

15. Dirty Dancing (DD)- This one was very hard to pick because there are QUITE a few AMAZING Girls Night movies out there, but what is a girls night movie list WITHOUT this oldie but goodie? A conservative girl, keeping a secret from her strict parents. A hidden talent and bad boy who brings it out in her…a FULL ON DANCE to close out the movie!? Yep, DD definitely made the list and the only reason it is so far down on the list is because it has been seen A LOT. Some girls might not want to watch it again. SO, my number 15 is DD BUT the runners up include: One Fine Day, The Cutting Edge, Sabrina, Down with Love (this is a weird one, I know, but there is something about it that I simply love – maybe the singing montages?!), Sweet Home Alabama, 50 1st Dates, and How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days …Oh gosh, I’m still going back and forth.

14. Ever After – This one was tough because it was between Drew’s “Ever After”, “Never Been Kissed,” and “Music and Lyrics.” I ultimately picked EVER AFTER because I do love fantasy as well as the INCREDIBLE costumes in this one. I LOVE her “Cinderella” costume and mask. This one is so far down on the list because I actually forgot about it until I searched “ROMCOM” on PINTEREST. When it popped up, I instantly thought “OH I MUST WATCH THIS AGAIN SOON!” I have also deemed MANY Hugh Grant movies as must-sees and while I love “Music and Lyrics” it isn’t my favorite of his.

I wonder if I could pull this off for Halloween?!

13. 10 Things I Hate About You – If putting a period (.) at the end of that title made a bigger statement visually, that is what I would have done. Seriously, hottie Heath Ledger…portrayed as a bad boy…who then tries to win over Julia Stiles with a song and dance and other swoon-worthy love professions…Need I say more?!

12. Can’t Buy Me Love – OH COME ON, it is a must. If only for the final scene, where your heart is guaranteed to swell and make you so happy you want to cry. I wonder if they ever come back and actually cut the lawn in the end?

11. Going the Distance – OK, this movie is super cheesy, but quite entertaining. If anything, watch it for Justin Long’s roommate (the guy from “Always Sunny In Philadelphia) – HILARIOUS. I actually didn’t realize how much I liked Drew Barrymore’s movies until I did this list. Apparently she has some of my fave romcoms to choose from.

10. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN – The title alone SCREAMS girls night! It is also just a great one. The soundtrack, the dancing, the love story. YEP, #10!

9. Simply Irresistible – Ok so this movie is really under the radar – you may be thinking “there is a reason for that.” BUT, I honestly feel like it is a great, feel good movie, that makes you cry, laugh and smile. There is something so comforting and relaxing about the cooking scenes in this movie. I don’t know how to describe that or why it is, but they just are. Plus, who doesn’t love some Sean Patrick Flanery?! I could pass on Sarah Michelle Gellar, but she is good in this. WARNING: there is magic involved in this movie and a living crab with powers…it is weird, but JUST TRY IT! As the tagline on the box says, it is “A Bewitching Romance.”

See, a crab!

8. Pretty Woman – Picking just ONE Julie Roberts (JR) movie was a tough one. SO, I’m selecting “Pretty Woman” as the best JR girlie flick, but really, you could do no wrong watching “My Best Friends Wedding,” OR “Pretty Woman”…or if you are in the mood for a girlie thriller, throw in her “Sleeping with the Enemy”

7. Troop Beverly Hills – “WHAT A THRILL!” OK, this one MAY have only made the list because Mr. Darcy absolutely would never watch this movie with me, ha! BUT it also made the list because it is sweet, hilarious and I absolutely LOVE everything about a wealthy-take-on-Girls-Scouts– fancy uniforms, awesome campouts, and over the top cookie sale fundraisers. Don’t you love the gold in Shelly Long’s cape from the movie?

SO many great scenes!

6. Sex and the City 2 – Now, I know this movie did not get the best reviews, BUT I’ve seen it a few times over and I have to say, it is entertaining! The adventures they go on and the hilarity that happens to sexually driven women in a conservative distant land are worth it for a girlie night. I’d say stick to S&TC 2 and not 1 – The first is a bit depressing if you ask me. PLUS, the ring that Mr. Big gives Carrie in the end is in-your-dreams worthy. I LOVE it because it acts as a reminder of just how important my “Girls” are to me.

5. First Wives Club – Can you say GIRL POWER!!?!?! Women finding strength, getting back at terrible men AND using the gift of SONG to celebrate their new found girl power! Plus, who doesn’t love their song and dance scene?! For more on that scene, check out the bottom of my past post.

This one was on the cusp of being my #5. BUT…

4. When Harry Met Sally – Similar to Julia, Meg Ryan has some KILLER romcoms to choose from – VERY difficult picking just one. Coming in a VERY close second to “When Harry Met Sally” is “You’ve Got Mail,” and “Sleepless In Seattle.” She gets the #4 spot because I felt she had MORE girlie movies to choose from and more ICONICALLY girlie topics covered.

3. The Holiday – Oh boy – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one. I absolutely love Kate Winslet (Fun –ahem, dorky – Fact: I was interviewed by FOX News back when Titanic came out because I had seen it SO many times – when they interviewed me, I was up to 11 times…DORK!) Try NOT to fall in love with Jude Law when he cries…OH MY GOODNESS. I am going to have to start my top Holiday movies sooner rather than later, that will be a tough one for me ;-).

2. Bridget Jones Diary – At some point in a girl’s life (maybe just mine and my friends’ lives) she will feel down in the dumps and in need of a change. THIS is the ULTIMATE story of that woman, taking her from drowning her sorrows in a solo of “All By Myself”…”Don’t want to be, ALL BY MYSEELLLF” to running through the streets in her skibbys without a care in the world  – BJD is not only one of my all time favorite movies, it is my go-to Girls Night Movie! I’m bringing it to Los Angeles with me!

1. LOVE ACTUALLY – Hugh Grant is pretty good at cranking out some great romcoms. Obviously, Bridget Jones Diary is on this list, but “LOVE ACTUALLY,” OH LOVE ACTUALLY. You are heartbreaking, yet lovely, you are witty, yet dry and you are HILARIOUS throughout. I love you for making me cry, laugh, go “ahh” and “OH NO!” over the course of 136 minutes. There are SO many parts of this movie that I absolutely LOVE – the surprise band at the wedding, the heartbreaking “carolers” scene, the school recital, running through the airport….OH! I could go on and on! While this is my number one girls night movie, it is also loved by Mr. Darcy so it is in general an ALL AROUND great movie! In fact, I used many songs from this soundtrack during my own wedding!

Dear Love Actually, “To me, you are perfect.” Love always, The Pinterest Woman

Says it all…

You may call this cheating and just adding more to the list without putting a number on them, but in my defense, you really can’t suggest a tear jerker for a girls night unless the night calls for some crying. SO, for THAT type of Girls Night, here are my:

Top 6 Girls Night Tear Jerkers –

6. Hugh Grant has some good ones: “About A Boy,”  “Two Weeks Notice” A WARNING: These are somewhat depressing at times, but I had to put them on here because I simply cannot look away when I watch these.

5. August Rush – HOLEY MOLEY, have you seen this movie?! Mr. Darcy would roll his eyes if he knew this was one of my top 5 girlie tear jerkers. BUT it is GOOD…and really?! NO ONE can deny that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is HOT!

4. Life As We Know It – This could potentially be placed in the “Sexy” section, thanks to Josh Duhamel. BUT it is also a tear jerker in the beginning. Surprisingly cute flick!

3. Stepmom – MAN, when Julie Roberts cries, it gets me every time. BUT, a crying Julie AND Susan Sarandon?! GOODNIGHT!

2. The Notebook – OK, this one was a tough one. Should it just go on the top 10 Girlie Movie Night list? Or here…ultimately, I picked here because I feel like you have to be in the mood for this one.

1. Steel Magnolias – This is one of my all time favorite movies, but GOOD LORD it is a tear jerker and definitely one of those movies I have to watch alone, or with a girlfriend who is ready to pull out the box of tissues. I mean, when Sally Fields screams “I was supposed to go first,” at the cemetery – Bawling tears stream down EVERY SINGLE TIME…I usually have to cry into the next few scenes before I can compose myself. Sorry, I can’t just shake it off as quickly as Sally can when they get her laughing with a recommendation of punching Quiser. I DON’T JUST LIKE YOU, I LOVE YOU SALLY FIELDS!

OK, since I have a Tear Jerker section, I had to throw in a “SEXY” section…because what would a girls night movie round up be WITHOUT a sexy section?! The reason this gets its own section and doesn’t get looped into the above is because some people, ME INCLUDED, get a bit awkward with “Sexy” scenes when with certain people. SO, if you are not with those “certain” people, pop these suckers in and enjoy whoopin’ it up!


3. STEP UP – Channing Tatum.

2. Cruel Intentions – Ryan Phillippe

1. Magic Mike – Channing Tatum. I have not even seen this movie, BUT I am putting it on here because A. Elizabeth is hosting a “Magic Mike” party at the end of this month (My party contributions to be shared at a later date here) and B. any girls night where “watching Magic Mike” is on the list of todos is guaranteed to be a fun night. I know it got terrible reviews and was apparently much more serious than promoted, BUT if you have the right group of girls, I think those few scenes will be VERY fun to watch!


I’m intentionally leaving this at 24 movies and not 25 because I KNOW as soon as I hit “PUBLISH” I’m going to think of 24 more movies I missed…SO, a list of 24 with #25 to be left to the imagination!




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