It’s Official: I’m having a ‘Guido’ baby for Halloween…

Ok, let me explain:

Last year I was Coach Sue Sylvester from GLEE for Halloween (there are no photos of this costume because it was absolutely AMAZING/HEINOUS). For the last few weeks I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to top that costume – people from work were even asking me how…THEN, it came to me:

While cleaning out my childhood room I found a VERY lifelike baby doll AND while organizing my garage I found some FANCY sunglasses (they are pink with rhinestones and leopard print down the side – I have no idea where they came from) AND – I’M GOING TO BE NEW-MOM-SNOOKI!

Since “just-Snooki” is basically a “so-last-year” costume idea, I have to play up her lil Italian Guido  (her words, not mine) to make it more “2012”…SO I went to Pinterest for Italian baby clothes and LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON PINTEREST TODAY:

Pinterest Search Terms: Italian Baby Cap*

First of all, this is from an awesome store on Etsy and she has pretty cute stuff (including a little newsboy cap that I might have to get for my nephew). Secondly, she said she could crochet this cap TONIGHT and ship it out to me by Halloween (DONE!!!):

I’m going to wrap a jersey bed sheet around me, like a moby wrap – so the baby doll is stuck to me – throw on an old tight black dress I purchased for a Vegas Bachelorette a few years ago, some HIGH heels and TEASE the crap out of my hair for a Snooki Poof! IT IS GOING TO BE PERFECT!!! The sheet will keep me warm, the outfit will, hopefully, be funny AND I can later gift the little Italian cap to our friends who are Italian (I will let them know it was used by me. They will understand…my Irish self has no place owning an Italian Flag baby cap)! PERFECT I TELL YOU!!

YAY to PINTEREST for a quick find of baby Guido gear and to cleaning out things that help inspire costume ideas!! Now, to those of you who read my blog and know my colleagues, don’t share – it is a surprise!


XOXO, Karen

P.S. Laughing out loud at this AMAZING Snooki pumpkin:

*After looking up the urban dictionary definition of Guido I would NEVER refer to any child as a guido. BUT, since Snooki called her own son a guido, I used the language here. Plus, I will need to embrace her character on Halloween, so I’m starting now! See the definition of Guido from Urban Dictionary here (I’m guessing the definition really changed after the Jersey Shore)


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