Tangerine Tango & its cousin ‘Orange’ are the colors of the Season!

Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s time to get creative with my orange clothing! Pinterest got me through the season and now I’m pulling all of my fave outfits out for the World Series baby!!! I worked from home today so spent the extra time in the morning, when I’m usually driving into the office, to launder my best Orange clothing and Giants attire!

I’ve put together enough outfits to get me through each World Series game – if we go all 7 games – and I have a few ways of switching them up in case the weather does not cooperate!


So many options!

I have a few casual options for the weekend (notice the shorts with sweatshirt options – typical October outfits here in the Bay: Too warm for jeans and a sweatshirt, too cold to go without a sweatshirt).


Puffy vests, sweatshirts AND of COURSE my World Series champ shirt from 2010!

And then I have a few options that I can pull off at work – no shorts allowed, BUT nice SF attire is totally OK!


My orange pashmena, orange sweater and orange silk top (pictured here) were GREAT solutions for work appropriate SF Giants representation!

And last, but definitely not least, I will bring my SF pride to bed with me by wearing my fave Giants shirt – my FEAR THE BRIDE shirt. Yep, that is right, Mr. Darcy and I were engaged the last time the Giants went to the World Series so my company hosted the most incredible shower at AT&T Park. Playing off of the “Fear The Beard” shirts that were so popular back then, my company had these shirts made up for everyone in the company to sport during the shower – IT WAS AMAZING!


Our bridal take on Brian Wilson’s FEAR THE BEARD shirts

I sure hope our SF Giants are as ready as my wardrobe is!!! WOOHOO! GOOOO GIANTS!

I hope everyone can tune in tomorrow – our boys have GREATLY appreciated the support thus far!

XOXO, Karen


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