Snooki Gives The SF Giants A Run For Their Money

For those of you who have been on this blogging journey with me from the beginning, you can probably imagine my dilemma – dress up for Halloween OR for the SF Giants World Series Parade?! I know what you are thinking – do both: ORANGE AND BLACK BABY!!!

BUT, Halloween is all about dressing up for me and I think it is important to “bring the fun” to the office on a daily basis. PLUS, I always look forward to the TODAY SHOW Halloween Costume Segment (it really kicks of the Holiday season for me), but they rightfully postponed it due to this Beezy storm Sandy*.


SNOOKI BEAT SF GIANTS in the end…can you believe it?!

OK, I actually kind of cheated – I snuck a new orange and black scarf my girlfriend brought back from Hong Kong in my purse so I have something to represent my boys today ;-). Of course I did ;-). And here it is…the costume in all of its glory:


Sorry so blurry…can you see how messy my bathroom is? Yes, the poof took forever so I was FRENZIED getting ready for work…(I added leggings and a Snooki appropriate cardigan to make this work appropriate).



Isn’t baby Lorenzo so cute! I love his little Italian Flag hat! I’m using my fancy animal print clutch as his pillow for now.


I injured my back earlier this week so I swapped my killer Snooki heels for, also, killer Snooki slippers! $9.99 at Target!


MAKEUP & Poof: YIKES – I used a TON of Bare Essentials “Warmth” this morning…can you tell?!

Here is a TERRIBLE tutorial on how to make Snooki’s poof – while she isn’t able to get the poof up, it does help one figure out how she actually makes it so high:


These LA jokes don’t get old to us Bay Area folks

XOXO, Karen

*To those of you Eastern friends stuck in this “Sandy” mess, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there. I hope normalcy returns to you soon.


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