“Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays…May your ev’ry wish come true”

I cannot believe it is already November…NOVEMBER! Now, I am not upset by this, I am THRILLED. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rest of the year and I look forward to many things throughout the year, BUT the holidays – OH THE HOLIDAYS – are my FAVORITE time of the year. From the Christmas Carols to the loads of reasons to get together with the family, the holidays (Christmas for my family) are the most wonderful time of the year!

SHOPPING TIP: Start your Holiday shopping now! For those gift recipients who like gifts from big name stores (Macys, Gap, etc.) it is worth a wait for the Friends and Family, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. BUT if you are getting tokens for people or non-clothing/home products, shop NOW. Hit up places like Zulily.com (WARNING: This site is addicting. I’ve already finished 5 gifts from this site), Etsy.com (Pinterest is a GREAT place to get inspired with personalized products. And the majority of the gifts I’ve found on Pinterest link back to Etsy.com ;-)), and why not buy gift cards NOW?! I mean, I just saw that Etsy.com offers gift cards and I know Netflix allows you to purchase gift certificates…easy! I love a gift certificate gift that is paired with a small token. For example:

  • Movie Theater/Netflix Gift Certificate with a DVD (Target gives DVDs away on Black Friday)
  • A book or Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate with a beautiful blanket (Have you ever felt the SOFT Restoration Hardware Chenille throws Oh they are beautiful (and on sale today actually: $59)??? But really, I think any nice throw would work. Even Kohls had nice throws on sale at Black Friday last year!
  • Bottle of Wine with a BevMo Gift Card!

There are LOADS of gift ideas like this on Pinterest. Need some inspiration try these search terms:

  • Gift card gifts
  • DIY Gifts
  • Last minute holiday

I feel like the shopping part of the holidays is the hardest part for most. SO, from one working gal to another (or a mom, dad, non-working person who has to do all of the other holiday preparation on TOP of shopping) start now! Make a list, do some cyber shopping and enjoy it…because as much as gift giving is only a portion of holiday celebrations, it is so fun to see the look on people’s faces when they open their gifts!

Let me leave you with one song that gets me even more excited for the holidays*:

Happy Holidays (I can say that now!)

LOVE, Karen

PS. I am SO excited to watch the rescheduled TODAY SHOW Halloween segment. It always gets me ready for the upcoming holiday season. In my line of work, once Halloween is complete, my colleagues start working on their holiday segments and stories SO, I am all holiday, all the time now…well, Holiday and election news. 😉

*I wanted to share this video, but they won’t let me embed it SO if you feel like linking away, please do: http://youtu.be/ZJi-8ulYevU


2 thoughts on ““Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays…May your ev’ry wish come true”

  1. As a seller on etsy I really appreciate you mentioning etsy in your post. A lot of people don’t think of buying handmade for gifts, but it can make a truly special gift, especially when that handmade item is one of a kind. If you are interested, my shop is at http://www.theCreativeSoul.etsy.com
    I am a fellow Pinterest lover as well…I’ll look for you on Pinterest. Maybe we’ll have some of the same interests and can follow one another on at least a board or two.
    Happy holidays to yout, too! (My favorite song is Nat King Cole’s “the Christmas Song”…oh, how I love it!
    Peace to your heart,

    • Hi Sara,

      Oh absolutely! I LOVE Etsy – LOVE. And I regularly purchase gifts from there. To your point it is the PERFECT place for one of a kind gifts. I am so excited to check out your shop! Thank you for providing the link. OOh, and DITTO to your love for Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song. It is one of my favorites. It will DEFINITELY make my list of top Christmas Carols ;-). Thank you for reading AND commenting.
      Happy holidays!
      XO, Karen

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