Nom, Nom, Nom: Yummy Paleo Lasagna…another great Fall recipe

Let me just start this post by saying – Mr. Darcy and I do not require zucchini in a recipe to make it. It just so happens some of my favorite recipes found on Pinterest have had it in them. But I promise, this one is also worth a try: What is it you ask!? Beef Lasagna with Zucchini “Pasta” – do not turn your nose up at this. It does not taste like a diet dish and it is a wonderful Fall dish! Mr. D liked it too!


I had to cut the zucchini with a knife because I couldn't find my slicer and it worked just fine

I, of course, have a few suggestions for tweaks to the recipe: – First it makes A LOT! I followed the smaller recipe. It still made enough for a 9×13 dish. – Water – there was way too much water. Next time I will try only 3 or 4 cups instead of six. – It definitely needs a ton of salt so put enough on to taste – do you like my new cooking lingo!? 😉 – Cheese (Note to my Paleo eating friends: I am sure it would taste wonderfully without the cheese but I felt I needed some fat. Otherwise I thought I might be too hungry after…OH I used very, VERY lean ground beef) So, I added shredded mozzerrella cheese to the layers, mmmmm – This recipe calls for a hot oven for a LONG time, but since I cooked everything that night, the sauce was still warm. Also, since I’m, apparently, becoming a pro at cooking zucchini, I cooked it at 350 for 30 mins. That was plenty of heat and time. Although next time I might broil it for a little bit to give the cheese that pretty golden look. It came out pretty good if you ask me:


Such a great dish...veggies, CHECK. Protein, CHECK. mmmm, CHECK!

We will definitely make this one again. Now, since I am not drinking this November to prepare for the crazy holidays, AND since Mr. Darcy was drinking Maker’s Mark (he had an absurdly terrible day) I can’t suggest a tried and true drink pairing. BUT what would a TPW recipe review be without a drink suggestion!? So, since this dish basically tastes like a delish lasagna I would say a nice red wine…maybe one of our faves – Norton’s Malbec! And if you aren’t a red wine fan, well, you could try some Maker’s Mark – Mr. Darcy seemed to like the pairing ;-). Happy Noming Dear Readers! XOXO, Karen P.S. I had this as leftovers tonight and just added a little more cheese to the top…it is DELICIOUS!


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