Secret Boards Makes Holiday Gifting Even Easier…

Well, at least for me it does!

My sister emailed me today, “FINALLY” Pinterest has announced “secret boards.” You would think we have been waiting for secret boards for AGES…BUT Pinterest has become such a normal part of our daily lives that, well, it feels that way! I am excited about this for SO many reasons, but my number one reason is for holiday shopping – for both myself AND for others. WHY?!

FIRST – I have QUITE a few gift ideas that I am contemplating for people on my shopping list SO I want a place to save links to these ideas. However, MANY of the people on my shopping list follow me on Pinterest. Well, that and, what if someone bought my gift idea for said gift recipient?! ENTER SECRET BOARDS!

SECOND – I am making my wishlist and I am on the hunt for new nude and black flats. I have pinned a ton of options so I can point them out to the sales person when I get to the store. I don’t know which ones will ultimately make my wish list until I try them on. However, MANY of the products I had pinned to my “Wish List” board around my 30th were generously gifted to me for my birthday – what does that tell me!? I have quite a few loved ones actually using my Pinterest boards as a resource for what to buy me. (NOTE: I realize this is not a “GOD FORBID” moment or anything. BUT, I don’t want people to be misinformed by my “Wish List” board!) ENTER SECRET BOARDS to store the shoes I want to remember to check out!

Anyhoo, I can think of a million ways to use this board – secret bachelorette/baby-wedding shower/surprise/etc. party planning, baby name gift ideas or baby room decorating (if you aren’t sharing the sex of your baby or name of your baby), REALLY, ANYTHING! Secret boards really would have come in handy back when Mr. Darcy’s cousin asked me if I was pregnant because I was pinning so many baby related things! For the record, I was pinning them to my “String around my finger” board…FOR THE FUTURE PEOPLE!

YAY, SECRET BOARDS! Happy “secretly” Pinning!

XOXO, Karen

UPDATE:¬†Pinterest is gradually rolling out secret boards throughout the day! SO, if you don’t have access via the web you can access secret boards now on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device – make sure to upgrade to the latest version!

P.S. I have not been able to get this song out of my head since my sister emailed me…ENJOY!


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