Nom, Nom, NOM: Slap Yo Mama’s Apple Stuffed Bacon Chicken Fall Recipe

It is really starting to get chilly here in the Bay Area so cozy and Fall inspired dinners are all I crave lately. I recently saw this recipe on Pinterest: Shallot & Apple Stuffed Bacon Chicken w/ a Spicy Rub ( and being a fan of all things that combine sweet and salty (I LOVE fresh kettle corn), I knew this was going to be right up my alley.

However, I do not eat chicken on a bone. I don’t mean to sound so matter of fact about such a random thing, BUT I really have a hard time eating chicken off of a bone. I blame it on my Junior Year Honor’s Biology teacher in High School. I won’t go on, because I don’t want to ruin such a great go-to meat for everyone. SO, let’s just say, I’m “not gonna do it.” So here is my “Inspired By” recipe & the result:

The Pinterest Woman’s “Slap Yo Mama” Apple Stuffed Bacon Chicken Dish


Slap Ya Mama Louisiana Seasoning! A FAVORITE of Mr. Darcy’s. Oh and my VERY good girlfriend put it in her favor bags at her wedding in Louisiana…I thought it was a spicy touch ;-).

• Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast (as many as you want – I had six)
• 3 green onions (diced up – you can use some of the green)
• 1 Granny Smith Apple
• 1 garlic clove
• Rosemary
• Two CENTER CUT Bacon per each Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast you are making
• 3 tbsp of olive oil
• “Slap Yo Mama” seasoning (note: if you do not live close to Louisiana, than another favorite hot seasoning)
• Garlic salt – to taste 😉


INGREDIENTS! A glass of wine for the chef!

1. Chop the green onions and grate and mince the garlic
2. Peel and dice the apple
3. Heat a tbsp of oil and add onions – season with a pinch of pepper and salt (sauté them)
4. As soon as the onions are browned up a bit, add the apples & garlic – cook for a few minutes, until the apples start getting a bit tan but are still firm – gotta keep that nice crunch!
5. Remove from heat


Apples and onions and garlic – OH MY!

1. Cut each breast down the middle so they open up flat
2. Lightly season the inside of the breasts with Rosemary
3. As soon as stuffing is ready to be taken off the heat, fill the center of the chicken with as much stuffing as you want (but not too much, you have to be able to fold the meat over itself so it is “stuffed”).


Stuff the chicken – BAD lighting! Sorry.

4. Once chicken is stuffed, make “rub” for the outside of the chicken: combine 2 tbsp of oil, as much HOT seasoning as you like “to taste*,” and a few sprinkles of garlic salt. BRUSH it all over each chicken breast (I do not have a brush, so I poured it on, then rubbed it all over).


Put the rub on your chicken HOWEVER you can 😉

5. BEST PART – Wrap each breast with TWO or one center cut bacon piece – I use Center Cut bacon because it tastes like an indulgent piece of bacon, but is lighter for ya – I could have 3 pieces for 1 point when I was on weight watchers…yes please!!!


So pretty and neat!

6. COOK at 375 for 20 minutes (flip over half way through) – I did not cook for that long, hence why the bacon looks like it does in the below photo…but it needed a few more minutes, especially the thicker chicken. I MIGHT try cooking the bacon partially before wrapping for a more crispy bacon, but we shall see…ANY SUGGESTIONS?!

I must say, Mr. Darcy really liked this dish and I enjoyed making and consuming it. What do you think? Please, if you make it, and you like it, let me know!

DRINK PAIRING: Mr. Darcy and I opened a bottle of Ranch 32 – Cooper’s Blend. Someone brought it to our home recently and it was good! At first we didn’t think it tasted like much, but after a few sips, we enjoyed it! It ended up being a nice pairing!


Ranch 32 – Cooper’s Blend

OOOh, NEW CHEF WARNING – I also made broccoli to go with this dish. To make broccoli, I typically just throw it in a hot pan with a little bit of olive oil for a few minutes and season with salt, pepper and a lil garlic salt, then throw it under the broiler for one or two minutes. This time, I threw it on the old chicken/bacon pan and, well, the grease from the bacon in the pan caught fire…FIRE! My oven was on FIRE last night. Whoops, new chef learning ;-). Guess you can’t put excessive bacon grease in an oven – don’t roll your eyes. The broccoli was pushed to the side so was clear of the grease and came out JUST fine…after we waved a towel in front of the fire alarm to turn it off, we sat down to a DELICIOUS meal…that we will definitely enjoy again!


Nom, nom, nom

Happy noming dear readers!

XO, Karen

*I’m going to keep putting “to taste” in quotes, since I now understand what they mean, but was so annoyed by it when I first attempted to cook…apologies to new chefs.



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