Gone to the Dogs – 1st Birthday Party Cookies/Cake Recipe

This Thursday is our little one’s 1st birthday…gosh, I can still remember when she was this big:


8 weeks old

Look at her now:


We are, of course, hosting a birthday party (all of her babysitters and her four legged cousin are invited) so I figured I better come up with a dog friendly cake. I found this amazing blog on Pinterest who has a few animal-friendly recipes including this one: http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2007/11/03/gone-to-the-dogs/ So I am testing tonight – I do not have a dog bone cookie cutter so our little one is getting Fall themed pumpkin cookies…and a hand-cut bone shaped cake (aka two cookies stacked on top of eachother with peanut butter filling and icing).


Do you like my hand cut bones? 😉

They don’t look very different once cooked but they come out pretty hard. I will be sure to capture party photos and a final cake image on Thursday – more Pinterest found doggie party ideas to come!



Happy Monday dear readers! XOXO, Karen



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