A BARKthday Celebration

Ok, some of you may think it is CRAZY to host a party for your pet. But let me tell you why this is not crazy:

  • One, Mr. Darcy and I do not have children, nor do many of our friends…but we have pets.
  • Two, life is crazy, so why shouldn’t we come up with a reason to get together and celebrate?
  • Lastly, dogs bring so much to our lives – I’m TOTALLY celebrating her and spoiling her for a night!!!

SO, as you may have read yesterday, last night was my first attempt at baking treats for the four-legged guests attending our birthday celebration – our little one NOMMED down TWO cookies! #SUCCESS! Now I just need to organize my thoughts on the party and I’d LOVE your thoughts, suggestions and tips for a doggie-friendly party:


APPETIZERS – I am going to do a cheese platter. My sister pinned the coolest blog post the other day and I’m TOTALLY going to do a fun cheese platter. Check out the pin for “5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Cheese Platter”: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/06/5-tips-for-creating-the-perfect-cheese-platter.html

DINNER – PIZZA & SALAD: I do not want to disappoint my loving readers by not doing a home cooked meal for our guests. HOWEVER, let’s be real…A full time job does not allow for a home cooked meal every night, especially if you are having MULTIPLE people over for dinner (although I’m still throwing around the idea of doing a slow cooker thing. I should be getting my replacement pot in the mail tonight – our little one accidentally pulled it down off of the counter one night, shattering it into two pieces – so there is still a home cooked meal opportunity). If I do not get my slow cooker up and running, well, pizza & salad it is!!! I’ll definitely get one with lots of meat on it, in honor of our meat eating little one.

DESSERT – Since I made pumpkin cookies for our doggie-guests, I figured I’d make PUMPKIN Cupcakes…and why not try out this awesome weight watchers one (TWO INGREDIENTS – Classic Yellow Cake and Pumpkin): http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com/2011/08/pumpkin-muffins.html

I am a bit skeptical of a two ingredient dish so I will most likely make cookies as well – Mr. Darcy is also not a huge fan of pumpkin. So if I make cookies, I will just cut them out with the fancy pumpkin cookie cutter to keep with the FALL theme of the party.


Our little one is going to be overly stimulated by the guests so I think a fresh new Frisbee and ball will be plenty of entertainment. However, once her cousin gets there, no human will matter. They will entertain one another. SO, for the human guests, I might actually pull out the old board games (Catch A Phrase is a crowd pleaser). The guest list is pretty much our closest friends – who are equally as dorky as I am – so board games, a good movie on in the background AND talk of sports (for the men) and the upcoming holidays (for Elizabeth and I) make for a perfect Thursday Night party. Did I mention the party is actually on our little one’s birthday? I figured no one would want to give up a weekend night for a dog’s party – BUT a fun little get together after a long day of work…PERFECT!


Since I don’t host Thanksgiving BUT I just bought a pretty Fall colored tablecloth and want to use it, I’m going to do a fancy Fall theme (gold chargers and all)…BUT to make it more doggie-appropriate I will:

Pick up a few new toys and treats for our little one. AND, since she won’t need ADDITIONAL entertainment, I will just use them as a centerpiece (instead of coffee beans, I’ll throw some toys in my candle holder for a colorful centerpiece):

Doggie toys for coffee beans (Maybe I’ll put a faux candle in…no one wants to smell warmed plastic and rubber 😉 ).

And, instead of Goody Bags, I’ll give everyone a “GOOD Girl” Treat – doggie friendly ones for our four legged guests and Pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats with chocolate drizzled on top for our two legged guests. I’ll add this little tag I just created in Microsoft PAINT to the bags and display them in a cute basket for an additional party décor!

OK, not as cute as I would have liked, BUT they will do 😉

More to come about this party, but any other ideas are GREATLY appreciated!!! Please to share! 😉


XO, Karen

Our little one at only 6 weeks…still love her little butt


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