Snail Mailed My Email Today

For one week (Nov. 12-18) a service called is creating handwritten letters out of your emails. It is BRILLIANT! I love snail mail – I love getting personal letters from people AND I love sending* them. BUT in this day and age, I find that I never do it OR cannot come up with a reason to write that would not be more efficiently sent in an email – an email in which my thoughts are literally delivered within minutes.

HOWEVER, a quick search of “Snail Mail” or “Letter” on Pinterest pops up photos of personal letters or pretty envelopes the pinner loved- WHY? Because a letter is so special! It is something that cuts through the bills and catalogs one receives on a DAILY basis. It says, “I spent time on this because you are special to me.” So, thanks to, I sent a letter to a friend who I miss desperately AND I’m asking you, PLEASE send a letter! If anything, let’s keep the Post Office in service!

IT IS EASY: Click through here and follow the two easy steps (1. write a 100 word letter, 2. email it to a specified address).

After submitting my letter AND seeing all of the beautiful letters on PINTEREST, I was inspired to send my own personalized letters/cards. But, what I like about is how pretty they make the letters! ENTER PINTEREST: With the help of Pinterest, I mailed colorful and creative letters to my friends this morning…just for fun.

FIRST – I created a “SECRET BOARD” so I could save images of letter/snail mail inspiration and saw some common denominators – pretty envelopes, personalized cards, brown paper packages tied up in string (these are a few of my favorite things), hand-crafted cards and pretty handwriting = PINNED!

SECOND – I scoured through my stationary, card box, old photos and craft box (complete with stamps and bedazzle stickers) and started crafting.

THIRD – I wrote little notes (TIP: Not sure what to write about? Write about things that won’t change in the next 3-5 days. For example, Your love for the person is a pretty good start OR The fact that you think about them often. Maybe you’ve even thought about writing a letter but never got around to it, but now, because the Pinterest Woman says so, you are writing ;-).))

LAST – I mailed them…I hope they will be opened soon and bring a smile to a few people’s faces.

I MADE 5 different cards!!!


How cute are they! Some where just cards that I bedazzled OR scrap paper that I cut into card size and stamped to give it a personal touch!

I bedazzled old cards, used stationary I’ve been meaning to pull out, repurposed photos and old cards and was sure to add a few personal touches and/or stamps to the envelope or card.


If you simply do NOT have the time to craft a card, beautiful stationary and/or a card will do JUST the trick! I love Shutterfly’s personal designer stationary, BUT this photo shows the envelop of an old stationary box set someone gave me years ago and it had the cutest little envelopes! Sometimes a different shaped envelope is all it takes to spice up a mailbox ;-).

One of my favorite homemade cards features a cutout of an old holiday card I had leftover from college, strategically glued to the inside of the envelope to give it some pizzazz – “While some people may be sending letters to Santa, I am sending letters to [my friend] because [she] is just as fabulous as he.”


Michael’s Craft Store usually has some GREAT stamps in their $1 bin – that’s where I got the cute “HUG!” and “Special Delivery” stamp…because usually stamps can be quite expensive…yikes! The red “HUG!” card is just scrap paper that I cut into a card size and stamped to make personalized stationery. I wrote a little note on the back. 

I was also inspired by many old photos I found. I turned the back of one photo into a postcard for one special lady in my life:


The back of my homemade photo postcard! The photo had a big dark section in it, so I put a cute little stamp on it…sorry I didn’t get a photo of the front.

And, I wrapped another set of images for one lucky person in a sweet brown paper package and tied it up with a string – because I’ve always wanted to do that…and get a gift wrapped like that ;-).

SO, check out the site: The offer ends this Sunday! Even if you miss the deadline, start small – pick up a cute, but affordable, card at Trader Joe’s or the Dollar Store even and spice up someone’s mailbox!

Happy writing, Karen

*You know, I actually have three cards in my “card box” that are “Just Because” cards. I have every intention of sending them to friends, BUT I never do. They have moved to three different locations with me! BUT, last night, I bedazzled one and sent it to a special college friend of mine!

snail mail my emaill book

They made a book out of last year’s letters!


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