PINTEREST: The Reverse of “I Have Nothing To Wear” – A Workweek’s Worth Of Pinned Outfits

This post officially marks my 100th!!! Although I typically just blog as I go (I really wasn’t lying when I said I use Pinterest EVERY day), when I started seeing the numbers grow closer to 100 this past weekend, I decided to give some thought to what I wanted my 100th post to be. Through these last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my take on and experiences with Pinterest Pins. I hope you’ve:

  • Laughed with me as I learn how to cook – typically it takes me a day or two to find the funny there, but you help me uncover it when I actually have to write out what I just discovered (BACON GREASE UNDER A BROILER = FIRE!)
  • Celebrated when I actually got a recipe right
  • Cheered as our boys in orange went to the World Series!!!
  • Whipped up some margaritas before, during and after my 30th birthday Fiesta (THANK YOU for indulging me)!
  • OR, embraced a girls night full of girlie movies! I look forward to sharing more of my favorites (up next, holiday movies!!!)

Although I definitely need to take better photos (poor Mr. Darcy’s crema never looked so unappetizing), you have all been so fabulous to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing many things with you. SO, for my 100th post, I decided I’d go with a post about one of my more popular Pinterest boards – also a popular theme here at The Pinterest Woman – FASHION!

It was either fashion or food!

Those are the posts I get the most “likes” on and since I feel like I have NO sense of fashion, I’m going with “Fashion,” as you always pump up my confidence so much…Oh and without Pinterest, I would NEVER post a photo of my outfit to the internet! 😉

Here it goes…(I know, I know, I’m long winded – I will keep it short):

This past Sunday, what was typically a trap in the past – the weather is turning and I’m shopping in a clothing store – quickly became a revelation that I, in fact, DID have something to wear!

About twice a year, typically right when the weather is changing, I look to my closet FULL of clothes and think those annoying thoughts – “I have NOTHING to wear.” This winter Pinterest gave me a new outlook on my closet. Knowing my 100th post was on its way, I challenged myself NOT to plan out my outfits the night before this week and to use Pinterest as my Stylist each morning…and you know what, it worked! I even got a few compliments along the way!!! (NOTE DAY 4: I was running late and only after putting on my JCREW High Heel Jeans and black boots, I realized my white collared shirt was NOT ironed…BUT panic did not settle in. I grabbed a favorite sweater from LOFT 2011 and was very pleased with the outfit – I even stayed in it for Harper’s Birthday dinner. A last minute outfit NEVER makes it an entire day for me):

Takeaway?! Don’t wait until the morning to plan your outfits, BUT always use Pinterest, especially if “you don’t have anything to wear!”

TGIF, Karen


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