“Fancy” Gift Guide For the Weekend Traveler: Gifts Under $250

This morning I was tasked with the fun job of coming up with a few gift ideas for one of our favorite clients and I immediately went to Pinterest. I had so much fun searching for ideas – and found some GREAT gifts! I figured, why not write up my own gift guide for you!? SO, if you are looking for a nice gift for a weekend traveler in your life, I’ve included a few fun ideas below (many of these had multiple Pins and Likes. WARNING: I had a cushy budget of $100-$250).

 A WEEKEND TRAVELER ACCORDING TO THE PINTEREST WOMAN – Someone who regularly takes short trips, has family far enough away that they would stay the night, but close enough that they visit often, and/or is a business traveler. My client is all of these things – in fact, she had 9, count them, NINE weddings this year. GURL TRAVELS A TON! So, I knew I wanted to get her something for her travels…and since these are “weekend” travels and not LONG, more extensive trips, I pinpointed three gift ideas:

 GIFT IDEA #1 – Overnight bag

  • Longchamp ‘Le Pliage‘ Travel Bag ($195)– I personally love the shape of the Le Pliage travel bag, but I have never seen it in person, so I don’t know how big it is. Have you seen it? I still think it would work though!

Cute right!

GIFT IDEA #2 – A Wristlet

I love a wristlet – I own MANY. I love them because they are not only convenient, especially for business travel, BUT you can throw them in your larger purse and then pull out for those quick errands. I love them for travel because I can get away with using them as my wallet, but as a clutch when going out to client dinners – I don’t want to lug my laptop with me everywhere!

  • Hobo ($128) – I was exposed to Hobo a few years ago because one of their sales members attends a sample sale here in San Francisco every December. Although their bags can be an investment, now that I’ve owned a few (at a fraction of the cost), I would definitely consider investing in one, particularly their wristlets. They are basically wallets with great sections for cards, phones, lipstick, etc. but slim and sleek. I love the look of the older ones. If you are interested in buying a gift for someone but don’t mind if they can’t return, there are quite a few Hobo Wristlets on ebay. Here is one of my favorites on Etsy.
  • Alexander Wang (I LOVE the size of this one – OH MAN, now I want this!) ($195): My sister has one about this size and she says it is GREAT for a new mom because you can easily tuck it into a diaper bag, and grab it if you just want something small.


  • ToryBurch is also a good option, especially if you want to gift your weekend traveler with a more recognizable brand ($155).
  • KateSpade Wristlet – Another recognizable brand, but only $100 (In black).

GIFT IDEA #3 – Laptop Bag – Especially for a business traveler, a nice laptop bag goes a long way…and for someone like myself, I would wear it with pride as I travel through those boring airport terminals. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I regularly travel to NYC and the majority of the time, when I step off the airplane, I feel like the most unfashionable mess ever. A fancy laptop bag might ease that stress 😉

  • ToryBurch Felt Ella Tote ($250) – Although not listed as a laptop bag, I love a bag that I can not only put my laptop in, BUT I can throw a bottle of water, files for my trip and a book or other personal items (ahem, airplane snacks) for the long trip. This bag is PERFECT!

It has water bottle holders inside!

  • I was so pleased with this find that I have NO other laptop bags to share 😉

OK, I realize this was a pricey post, but I had so much fun utilizing Pinterest for this that I had to share…typically I am stressed out about the gifts for clients.


P.S. I pictured my favorite options from each section…for what it is worth 😉


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