Holiday Travel Organization – The Pinterest Way

This holiday might be the most organized I’ve ever been for one. I am headed to Texas for Thanksgiving – we are doing Thanksgiving on Friday – so I needed to prepare for a long distance menu, days worth of outfits, a treat for our doggie/house sitter AND do it all during an extremely busy workweek schedule! So this Sunday I set out to work on my laptop and within 30 minutes I was organized:

  • A bottle of wine wrapped in a cute holiday kitchen towel for our housesitting friend
  • My outfits listed out (photos and all) in a word document. As well as a separate document listing the items I need to pack (from my toiletries to my accessories)!

Printed out and followed while packing – I packed in under 45 minutes – that is the QUICKEST I’ve EVER packed

  • An email to my mother-in-law with the ingredients for the veggie side I am contributing (Mr. Darcy and I do not arrive in time to shop so she is gathering everything in advance)! Oh, if interested, I am preparing this Epicurious green bean dish because my colleague tested it this weekend and said it was “easy and REALLY good.” It reminds me of a salad I was obsessed with at a cute salad place that recently went under, so it was an easy choice when I was assigned “a vegetable” – plus Mr. Darcy loves green beans.

mmm, I cannot wait to report back on this one!

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers! I will be sure to check in from Texas! XOXO, Karen


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