Nom, Nom, Nom: Easy & Delicious Holiday Veggie Side Dish Recipe – Green Bean & Cherry Salad

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Here is a great recipe that calls for a few minutes at the stove and a little room in the fridge! OH, and I’m sure this will come as no surprise, it is easy and very tasty!

As you know, this weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. Darcy’s family in Texas. On Friday afternoon I was sharing the kitchen with my mashed-potato-making mother –in-law, turkey-&-gravy-baking-grandma-in-law and appetizer-preparing-cousin-in-law, with a few additional family members coming in for drinks, snacks and misc. items. SO, I was THRILLED when I realized the green bean salad I found on Pinterest called for some chopping and quick cooking times. Mr. Darcy and I made EPICURIOUS’ GREEN BEAN SALAD –


By the time I remembered to take a shot of the final product, it was basically gone. SO here is a shot of my helping!

We chopped and prepped the few ingredients at the kitchen table, freeing up space as my water boiled.


The dressing for the dish not only smelled delicious, it looked festive thanks to the dried cherries!

Thanks to the blanching process, I only needed the stove for about 10 minutes total – boiling to cooking. THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME BLANCHING; I’ll admit, I NEVER thought this would work. I know, I know, people blanch veggies all of the time.


A crispy veggie lover myself, I questioned whether the veggies would have a good texture after this process…


Although not crispy like a grilled veggie, I was wrong re: bad texture! They were great!

I was in and out of the kitchen and since the dish calls for refrigeration, I was able to make it early in the day and then pull it out about an hour before dinner. The dish itself was VERY quick to make and since it was cold, it was a nice addition to a notoriously filling and warm-dished meal.

We, of course, had to make a few tweaks because the store in Texas was pretty picked over. We swapped:

  • French green beans for regular green beans
  • A mixture of Sherry with Red Wine Vinegar for Sherry Vinegar – Next time, I will just use what it calls for vinegar wise, but the above combo worked if you don’t have SHERRY VINEGAR.
  • Next time I will add more cherries – mostly because they look festive!

Although I was nervous serving a side that I had not yet tried myself, it came out wonderfully – in fact, I was told it was one of the best dishes on the table by multiple people. Thank you Pinterest! SO, if you are assigned a side this coming holiday season, this is definitely a great go-to whether you have to make it in a busy kitchen OR make a trek to the celebration – “it is best served at room temperature.”

Happy noming dear readers, Karen


2 thoughts on “Nom, Nom, Nom: Easy & Delicious Holiday Veggie Side Dish Recipe – Green Bean & Cherry Salad

    • I swear it is! In fact, my colleague is the one who originally pinned this and she also made it for a party. She mentioned how easy AND delicious it was…So I am not the only person giving this one good reviews ;-)! Happy Noming!

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