The Darcy Family Grew by One Today: Newborn Gift Ideas

That’s right, my sister and brother in law welcomed a baby girl this morning at 5:05am CST – 8lbs, 4oz. She is gorgeous and I cannot wait to meet her!

Out of habit, I went to Pinterest to see if I could find unique “birth” day gift ideas beyond the clothes and other lil things I’ve already purchased for her. I, of course, found a few I HAD to share!

Look at these ADORABLE burlap pillows from Etsy, personalized with the baby’s name:  My girlfriend gifted Mr. Darcy and I with a sign when we were married that read “The Darcys est. 2010.” I think it is so cute and a fun play on words. Why not a pillow?! Plus, this pillow would look cute in my in-laws home! I may need to get one to match for my nephew so they can place on both sides of the couch ;-).

Baby Girl Darcy – est. 2012

DIY Growth Chart – I don’t know about you, BUT I LOVE a growth chart. My parents had one for my brother when he was little and my sister started tracking our growth on the edge of her door when we were a bit older. It is funny looking back. This blogger shows you step by step tips for creating your own chart here.  OR you could just buy it here.

Such a cute growth chart! I also love the one going around Pinterest now that takes a 2×4 piece of wood and is painted to look like a ruler…so cute! This one is a bit easier to ship ;-).

Teddy Bear – In my opinion, no matter what the sex of the baby, you really can’t go wrong with an adorable teddy bear. Etsy has some INCREDIBLE homemade bears – I especially love the little crochet bears  – but any soft bear would work. Look at all of the Teddy Bear inspiration that pops up when you Pin the term “Teddy Bear”:

I am so overjoyed. Congrats to the entire Darcy family! Welcome to the world baby girl Darcy. We love you so much.

XOXO, Karen

Not that I would EVER compare my dog to my niece, but I thought you might enjoy a “baby” photo and since I don’t have permission to share Baby Girl Darcy’s photo, I thought I’d share Harper’s newborn photo!


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