Falalalala…Oh we decked the halls & had a Hap-Hap-Happy Holiday Filled Weekend

As you know, this weekend was dedicated to the holidays. Last year Elizabeth and her hubby, along with the Darcys (that’s us), headed to the Christmas tree* lot together to pick our first tree for our new homes…well this year, we kept up the tradition and headed to the lot on Friday night. Then on Saturday, I headed out of the house at 8:30am for my annual cousin holiday shopping trip – now that we are all grown and have to share holidays, we’ve promised each other that we will always get together the first Saturday of December so we can shop in downtown San Francisco – a festive holiday experience with one another. And did we EVER shop! We shopped from 9am to 9pm (seriously, we pulled out of the parking lot at 9pm). I FINISHED MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!!

On Sunday, after sleeping in after a FULL few days, I utilized Pinterest to:

  • Pack for my trip to Connecticut this week
  • Make my list of holiday to-dos I want to do when I get back from the East Coast AND
  • Decorate our home!

Mr. Darcy put lights on the house and the tree and then it was up to me to turn our Thanksgiving/Fall décor into a winter wonderland!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS and for those who celebrate the same holiday as Mr. Darcy and I – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Notice our village is missing its people this year? The poor residents of the Dickens Village (a family collection tradition) were scared away by the Giant Miss Harper. We hope when she is 2 (and more mature) the residents will return to their village of holiday joy!

Décor ideas…


There are adorable pins of vases filled with faux snow (you can also do sea salt)…and with the silver accents, I thought the white snow was a nice contrast. I just used my LED faux candles to avoid a fire hazard 😉


I absolutely love the pins showing candle holders and lanterns with ornaments stuffed inside. However, given the amount of money already spent on the holidays, I figured I better cut my costs and purchased a bag of holiday bows at Target for $5 instead…and it worked! They are also easier to scrunch into the lantern.


Mr. Darcy is a Vikings Fan and with a little help from Michael’s Craft store, Mr. Darcy’s Mom made us this adorable Nutcracker a few years ago…He is proudly displayed on our mantel!


Even Harper** has her own stocking!


Right now in the TARGET $1 section, they have cute little decorations that you can just stick places for a little more holiday pop!

My decorating oozed into the dining room as well and I utilized some of the decorations I purchased from Pottery Barn after Christmas last year…


I love that table runner!!


After physically “pinning” a photo in a Pottery Barn catalog, circa 1998, I purchased those glass Christmas Trees on eBay…it started my yearly purchase of holiday décor…yikes!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS DEAR READERS! I hope you can find a nice place to curl up this year to take in a sweet holiday movie, read a favorite book or simply enjoy the company of friends and family!


That little leather chair in front of my Christmas Tree has my name ALL over it! Once Mr. Darcy is out of it of course 😉

 XOXO, Karen
*This might come as a shock, HOWEVER, I am totally a fan of faux trees. Now, here me out:

  1. I grew up with a father who wrapped every single tree branch with a light so it literally glowed from the inside out. I then married a man with the same technique. However, this can be quite time consuming and frustrating and those two descriptions should never be associated with Christmas.
  2. Real trees seem to only keep their smell for about a day…then that flame retardant takes over and you can hardly smell them anymore…However, a faux tree paired with a pine scented candle and/or real Christmas tree wreath (MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE) smells pretty nice 😉
  3. Today’s faux trees look REALLY REAL! Can you tell if ours is real or fake?

Aww, well, if you said real, you would be wrong. When we realized the tree we wanted was $90, we thought, well, we could buy a $250 faux tree and save money over the course of a few years…and since we have room for storage in our garage…well, Mr. Darcy and Mack purchased us a VERY real looking faux tree this year…it is BEAUTIFUL! Oh and we helped Elizabeth and her hubby pick out a nice real one for their front room ;-).


**Aww, thanks to Elizabeth for Harper’s own ornament as well!


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