Pinterest Saved My Sterling Silver Jewelry

Recently, I pinned a tip for cleaning sterling silver before the holidays and today my colleague sent me the following email with the instructions tweaked for JEWELRY! Her email:

“Totally random but I have been trying to clean my sterling silver jewelry lately and nothing seems to really work.  Tried a home remedy last night (many of you may already be aware but I’d never tried it) and it was amazing. Everything looks like new.

  • Line a glass or plastic dish in aluminum foil, shiny side up.
  • Heat some water to simmering/low boil and pour into the dish.
  • Add any silver pieces you need to clean, each one should be touching the foil and water should cover all pieces completely.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.

The tarnish literally just peels off.  I did it about 3-5 times for REALLY badly tarnished pieces but for those that just needed a polish, just did it once.  Remove, rinse and rub with soft jewelry cloth. Not recommended for any pieces with stones.  I only tried on straight silver.”

She then followed up the email with:

“Seriously unreal.  I did it prob 3-5 times on some of the pieces that were like black just to keep going until nothing else was coming off but I was impressed even after the first time.  SO pumped bc thought some of my pieces were ruined.  You’re going to love it.”

OH I am SO going to love this and I had to share it because I thought you might enjoy it too! I have a particular bracelet in mind that Jose gave me for my high school graduation (see below). The nooks and crannies make it almost impossible to clean so this will be the true test – I will be sure to take before and after photos for you.

Such a sweet graduation gift!

Such a sweet graduation gift!

Happy cleaning dear readers! I cannot WAIT to sport my new shiny jewelry this holiday season!!



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