A Favorite Things Party – “And you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car!!!!”*

Last night my cousin, let’s call her Monica (not because she acts like Monica Gellar but because they look a WHOLE LOT alike), hosted a FAVORITE THINGS party — it had Pinterest written ALL over it! I had SUCH a nice time that I had to share…you MUST do this with your friends soon!

First, she put together the cutest little invitations with brief, but clear instructions:

1. Choose your absolute favorite thing, buy five of it (costing $6 or less each)
2. Bring all five of the same thing wrapped and it will soon become everyone’s favorite thing!

Please join us for a night of FAVORITE THINGS!!!

Please join us for a night of FAVORITE THINGS!!!

I bought my CURRENT obsession/favorite thing – the prepackaged Starbucks Salted Caramel Cocoa powder mix, MMMMM! I then packaged it with a $5 Starbucks gift certificate. When we arrived, we were instructed to place our favorite things on her table and write our name down 6 times – place one nametag in the box labeled “1” and put 5 of your nametags in the box labeled “5”.


A table of favorite things!!! How cute is this?!

She had a wide assortment of salty and sweet snacks and PLENTY, I mean, PLENTY of bubbly drinks – so fun! After awhile we got to the “Favorite Things” portion of the party going. The host pulled one name out of the box labeled “1” and the person whose name was called grabbed their wrapped favorite things then proceeded to pull 5 different names out of the box labeled “5”. Each of the 5 people received this new favorite thing! (Monica even made us cute bags to take our new finds home with us):


Even the bag tags were cute and thoughtful!

Depending on the number of people attending the party, you probably won’t go home with EVERYONE’s favorite thing, BUT you definitely go home with 5 NEW favorite things!


My new favorite things from bottom left to right: Metal straws (That is right, metal straws- they are AMAZING), Bath bomb from LUSH here in SF, flavored champagne toppers (this holiday season I am going to have the most festive and tasty champagne of any celebrator), Peach Bellini mix (there were a few “drinkers” at this party – I was very comfortable among “my” people ;-)), big dangley earrings (TOTALLY sporting them at my next country concert)!


Champagne mixers – they will be put to GREAT use in the coming weeks!!!


METAL STRAWS from Amazon: Probably my favorite gift from last night! Not only are they sturdy and make my water feel SUPER cold, they are just cool!

On our way out the door, Monica handed us the sweetest party favor:

Merry Kissmas & a Chappy New Year! Hahaha, I love "a chappy New Year"

Merry Kissmas & a Chappy New Year! Hahaha, I love “a chappy New Year”

All in all, a good time was had by all, and I have a few new favorite things now ;-). We even discussed doing this party a few times throughout the year – why not!? It was so much fun! I met new people, I got a chance to hang with my fam AND I can now sip some flavored bubbly through my fancy metal straw, all while enjoying a bath, in preparation for my next country concert…Oh and all the while my lips will NOT be chapped! 😉

Happy Holidays everyone!

XOXO, Karen

*If my title to this post does not make sense to you, here is my explanation  Oprah was in my head all night long. I used to love her “Favorite Things” episodes where she would point to everyone in the audience and say “and you get a car, and you get a car and YOU get a car!” Or insert one of her favorite things for the word “Car.” I kept thinking that one line over and over in my head whenever a new name was read out, ha!



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