Holiday Cookie Party: Melting Moments Cookie Recipe

This afternoon my colleague shot around a note asking for holiday cookie recipes – she mentioned those that require little prep or time would be ideal…A woman after my own heart! Easy cookies!!!

My colleague shot around the following email and I had to share with you dear readers – first, because I am having a hard time pinning it, so I’m blogging so I can pin it, and secondly, because when it comes to food, this colleague NEVER steers me wrong. He wrote:

“The Santa Rosa Press Democrat does a Holiday Cookie elimination challenge every year and there are always a few winners in the batch. Here is the link to this year’s winners:

And I’ve made this one a bunch of times since it won in 2010: It may sound basic and boring, but it is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. Super easy and steals the spotlight from everyone who spent all day scraping dough from the grooves of a cookiecutter.”

Melting Moments Cookies...mmmm

Melting Moments Cookies…mmmm

I am TOTALLY making this recipe! Happy noming dear readers!

XO, Karen


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