Nailed It!!!

This week has just been one of those weeks. It started with a trip to NYC for work – madness leading up to it and madness upon return – then an upcoming product launch that is keeping me high-holy crazed and on top of that, I’m just trying to be a mom of a 10 month old…oh did I mention that Mr. Darcy has strep throat and an ear infection? Yep, it’s been one of those weeks. Anyhoo, the following article was shared with me from a friend who said “I know this never happens to you” and, well, it made me laugh out loud —






HAHA, making me laugh again. Check out the full article here: 

I’ve decided anytime I have a little Pinterest fail, I’m going to celebrate with a NAILED IT! 😉 Thank you for the inspiration!


XOXO, The Pinterest Woman


What a difference a…baby makes…to your body

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love my daughter (aka, The Bear). In fact, obsessed is probably a better word to describe how I feel about her. But, the truth of the matter is, my body does not. LET ME EXPLAIN! Also, please don’t comment “how you view your body is how she is going to view her body” – I know all that. I already had this conversation with my skinny mother who always said how “fat” she was growing up…and recently. Trust me, tell that to your daughter who got her genes from her larger father’s side and all of a sudden “fat” is all she’ll ever be. I will always strut my stuff for my daughter and tell her how much I love my body and/or just not comment on weight and live! But there will be a day where her friends may comment on her weight or even my weight and I’ll be prepared to tell her just how incredible our bodies are – heck, my body created, carried and delivered a human being!

OK, back to the vent, I have had weight issues my entire life but after having a baby I regularly think to myself – WHY DID YOU EVER HATE YOUR BODY?! It was amazing. Well, even with the extra weight – EVERYWHERE (i swear my head even got bigger) – I still think my body is pretty incredible – it made a baby for cryin’ out loud! But there is always room for improvement especially after my pregnancy – I tore my groin muscle the day my 2nd trimester started, was put on modified bed rest for the last month and a half of my pregnancy and had a strange gestational diabetes diet that I swear was worse for me – I gained 40+LBS (the “+” represents when I stopped counting) and even though the Bear was nearly 10LBS, I still have 40+ to lose post pregnancy.


Years ago I stumbled across a Tone-it-Up ( workout posted by on their Pinterest page and after months of using The Bear and breastfeeding as an excuse (although I am seriously ravenous after I pump/feed her), I’m finally starting the diet! I’m on week three and and I’ve lost more than one pound a week. WHAT?! That is AWESOME. In addition, I’m going to boot camp, running 30 minutes on non-boot camp days OR going to Pinterest to find workouts. I’ve included links to some of my favorite workouts below – great for when you are in a hurry, wake up late because you’ve been up all night with a baby, or just don’t feel like being social or going outside. Anyhoo, my goal is to lose 10LBS by The Bear’s 1st birthday – and then 10 more after that…and then 20 more because my gestational diabetes doctor told me I need to get down from my pre-pregnancy weight to be healthy – yeah, we’ll see about that!).

Here is a before and after shot + a current shot. That was my dress I wore for The Bear’s Baptism and it was the ONLY photo I kept of myself. So far I have very few photos with her and she is 10 months old! We have a family photoshoot in July so here’s to keeping me honest!


Any tips, tricks OR online workouts you regularly use? Please share in the comments!

XO, The Pinterest Woman

SO, Tracy Anderson is AMAZING – She is realistic in her workouts and expectations and her workouts seem to work. Before I was put on bedrest I did her maternity workout DVDS and they were awesome. Here are two of my faves of her (thank you for one of them) –




I’m a Mom!

I'm a Mom!

Yep, that’s right, I’m a mom. I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a lot going on the last year+. While I learned my lesson and will not make any promises, I would like to share more of my Pinterest wins (and sometimes, losses) and plan to blog more regularly moving forward. For now, I’m back! Thanks for all of the follows. IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!