As a first time homeowner, new auntie, mom to a 9 month old Aussie, wistful home decorator and workin’ girl with aspirations of being a supportive and edible food cooking wife (even though my husband – Mr. Darcy – currently takes on that role) Pinterest – as I mentioned in my blog title – is changing my life!

I look forward to sharing my Pinterest journey with you…with a few personal stories thrown in. You’ve probably already noticed I have quite the cast of characters in my life so in order to follow along I’ve included a guide to names:

  • My hubby – Mr. Darcy
  • Our bestfriend – Mack
  • My dear friend – Jose
  • My dear girlfriend – Elizabeth
  • My awesome girlfriend and old roomie – Jessica (after Jessica Biel, they are both very talented women that live under the radar and are KILLER Crossfit girls)
  • My Mom – Nora
  • My Dad – TONY
  • My FABULOUS lady cousins on my mom’s side – Names from the cast of Sex & the City (I spend a lot of time with Charlotte and Carrie)
  • One of my best college girlfriends – TESS
  • My hilarious cousins on my dad’s side – Names from the cast of Friends
  • Good male friends – Darryl: Mr. Darcy apparently has a common name because his two best friends have the same name and, well, basically there are three names in our group of friends that you could shout out and a few people are BOUND to turn around – we had 9 men participate in our wedding party but there were only three names represented. SO, in honor of the Newhart show, I’ll refer to my gorgeous male friends as Darryl. “Hi. I’m Larry. This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl.”
  • My godmother – Godmom, Godmama, GM, G-Mom, G, you get the point
  • Grandmother-in-law, Grandma (my dad’s mom), GMamma (my mom’s mom)
  • PLACEHOLDER – Oh there are MANY more people I am about to reveal 😉 so stay tuned!

If you are not on Pinterest, PLEASE click the big red P in my right sidebar and JOIN!! I hear you no longer have to be invited! ALSO, for those writers and readers who want to Pin or share ANY of my entries with their readers or your Pinterest followers, please do!

(NOTE: I should note that I am the self-proclaimed Pinterest Woman. I do not work for Pinterest, I am truly just a huge fan!)


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